Energy & environment

A major change is taking place in this sector: energy transition, maturity of renewable energies, acceleration of digital transformation and emergence of new business models.

The stake of energetic transition is to go from our current scheme to a low-carbon model, more efficient and smarter.

Currently, 20% of greenhouse gases are emitted by buildings and 1/3 of greenhouse gas emissions are produced by transport.

30 billion euros are invested as part of the Recovery Plan to accelerate the ecological transition, including 9 billion euros in the energy sector.


The objectives are as follows:
  • Promote the renovation and construction of housing modest households and public buildings
  • Improve mobility of the French with cleaner transport
  • Develop local and sustainable resources (e.g. project of smart cities, search for new sources of energy, etc.)



Among our achievements

Our experts support companies in the sector in developing their innovations and their performance.

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