Great @ Work

Professional opportunities and meaning at work

Joining GAC Group means thriving within an international firm in innovation and performance, being at the heart of business strategy and regional development.

GAC Group supports its clients in their Innovation and Performance approach to strengthen their value chain and develop responsible growth in response to societal and economic changes.

Why join GAC Group?

  • Blossom in an environment that promotes the positive, responsible and sustainable impacts of innovation and performance;
  • To contribute to respond to the societal, economic and environmental challenges of our society and our regions;
  • To integrate a dynamic and innovative company with an agile and efficient organization;
  • To evolve within a growing group;
  • Benefit prospects for development and mobility;
  • Up skills, business and sectoral expertise in a company that aims for Excellence;
  • Rejoin a firm that promotes well-being at work!

Our offers

Discover the job offers that we regularly publish on our website and our social networks.


You can also send us your spontaneous application if none of our offers currently online corresponds to you.

Our employees thrive within GAC Group and share it.

Our latest internal survey from November 2020 highlights well-being at work within GAC Group:

  • 84% collaborators would recommend GAC to a friend
  • 99% of employees are fully satisfied with theautonomy exercised in the company.
  • management open to dialogue, accessiblewith nearly 90% of positive responses.
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