Our quality approach

What qualifies us

Our consultants are experts in their fields and combine cutting-edge skills and operational efficiency while adapting to the specificities of our clients.

In order to achieve a high level of quality, the spirit of excellence is everyone's business at GAC Group and is embodied by all of the company's functions.

This priority is facilitated by an organization dedicated to Quality, Tools and Methods (QOM) with multiple and complementary ambitions.

The main missions are:

  • Structuring of certification and referencing procedures;
  • Continuous improvement of skills;
  • Regular evolution of our practices;
  • Efficiency of processes and operating methods;
  • Development of new value-creating tools for our customers;
  • Measurement and monitoring of the satisfaction of our customers.

Beyond the satisfaction of our customers which reached 97% in 2020, we are very proud to communicate that 93% of our customers recommend us.

Our expertise is also highlighted by institutional players in our sector through recognized certifications and standards (OPQCM, Médiation des Entreprises, Bpifrance, etc.).

   GDPR compliance            

GAC Group has initiated a voluntary process of GDPR compliance for the processing of personal data, by implementing the duties and obligations for data processing.

Tools, methods and quality audits

In a process ofcontinuous improvement of our practices, we have implemented efficient quality processes and constantly carry out internal quality audits.

       Listening to customers                           

We continuously monitor the satisfaction of our customers. 

The survey feedback is directly integrated into our continuous improvement analysis.

Recognized quality standards

  • Qualification OPQCM 
  • Referencing Actor in CIR & CII consulting through the Business mediations
  • Referencing in Datadock
  • Approach social responsibility
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