Portrait of a GACer: Morgane, Innovation Sales Manager

[av_video src = 'https: //www.youtube.com/watch? v = RjSOhMWuCAo' format = '16 -9 ′ width = '16 'height =' 9 ′ av_uid = 'av-2kawig']


As comfortable in heels as in sneakers, Morgane is Innovation Sales Manager for the South West region.

What pleases her most in her daily life: meeting clients who aim to improve the world through their innovations!

Join us !


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DSN quality control

The simplification law of March 22, 2012 enabled the implementation of the nominative social declaration (DSN). The latter aims to replace and simplify the majority of social declarations in a single transmission of social data from payroll. The potential for integrating new features increases year after year, enriching DSN data.


The Territorial Economic Contribution (CET)

Introduced by the 2010 finance law, the territorial economic contribution (CET) replaces the professional tax on equipment and movable property (TP), to which companies and natural or legal persons exercising a self-employed professional activity were subject. The original purpose of creating this tax was to ease the pressure

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