Companies that commit to controlling their energy costs and adopting a less polluting production process can benefit from public funding and aid.

As part of a long-term investment support strategy, numerous public aid has been mobilized, in particular through the France Relance plan, the first component of which is ecology.
The France Relance plan thus intends to accelerate the ecological transformation of our territories and the decarbonisation of our economy by promoting in particular research and development of green energies, the energy renovation of buildings and premises of VSEs / SMEs.

The objective is ambitious: "to become the first major European carbon-free economy by achieving carbon neutrality in 2050".

Our offer

We support you in the structuring of your ecological transition projects and in the search for financing for your renovation and energy saving works.

Audit and opportunity study

Analyse de votre activité, des processus mis en œuvre et de vos projets d'investissement.
Aide à votre prise de décision dans le choix d’opportunités de financements adaptées à votre projet et son degré de maturité.

File assembly

Management and assembly of aid & subsidy files in accordance with the expectations of the specifications of the funding organization.
The financing of your project requires an obligation of justification imposing the transparency of expenses (personnel costs, investments, subcontracting ...).

Project management

Coordination between the various interlocutors and the management of the project.
Animation of the project portfolio.
Reporting and monitoring of actions carried out, commitments, financial aspects and communication management.

Your profits

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Aid and Subsidies - Energy transition


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