Aid and subsidies

To stimulate innovation and accelerate the development of the economy, a company can benefit from public aid.
These grants aim to support the creation of a business, its development and the launch of structuring projects.

Our offer

Certain aids and subsidies are specifically dedicated to innovation in all its stages, from the idea to the launch on the market.

We support the development of our clients: structuring of their projects, identification of financing opportunities, preparation of files and project management.

Project portfolio analysis

Audit of the environment, organization and strategic vision.
Mapping of projects to be developed in the R&D roadmap and strategic themes to prioritize.

Identification of funding opportunities

Monitoring of calls for projects at regional, national and European level.
Getting in touch with funding organizations.
Analysis of criteria.
Help with the decision.
Confirmation of eligibility and financial stakes.

Search for partners

Watch to identify public-private partners.
Animation of the network of partners (industrialists, academics, competitiveness cluster, start-ups, etc.).

Mounting of

Editing and structuring of files: objectives, risks and milestones.
Drafting or co-drafting of technical annexes. Verification of elements consistent with the expectations of calls for projects. Development of budgets and financial file for calls for projects.

Project management

Negotiation of a consortium agreement in the event of a collaborative project.
Animation of the project portfolio.
Reporting of actions carried out.
Monitoring of commitments and financial aspects.
Development of the communication plan.

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Aid and subsidies


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