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CIR webinar: Replay

#1: The CIR: an essential tool to stay in the race for global innovation

In the race for global competitiveness and innovation, France has a very good place thanks to the CIR. 85 % foreign executives associate us with industry, creativity and innovation.

We are a true “start-up nation” thanks in particular to public funding linked to R&D.


#2: The CIR: new rules, new subtleties 

“The CIR works, let's not touch it” (Edouard Philippe 2018)

The CIR is a long-term financing to allow France to shine worldwide. But what will change compared to the new MESRI directives?


#3: the CIR: the supporting file and other points of vigilance

For the expert, the company must summarize its supporting file: be clear, precise, concise, not to be submerged in tons of documents that will annoy it.


#4 : The CIR: various questions

GAC Group supports you in setting up structured R&D programs anchored in a real effective strategy.

Conversely, beware of so-called “opportunistic” R&D carried out punctually and - sometimes - less rigorously: it will necessarily be judged severely by the competent authorities.


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What are the risks involved in transmitting an incorrect DSN?

Many mistakes are made by companies, which can lead to fines from the tax administration. These penalties vary according to the inaccuracies and / or omissions observed. Discover them through this video. 


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Why do a DSN compliance analysis when it is validated by Net Entreprise?

Although validated by DSN VAL, your DSN is not necessarily compliant in its content. The quality of the data you transmit will be analyzed by URSSAF in a second step. It is at this time that errors in rates, contracts or because of the PAS (Withholding at Source) can be identified and give rise to reminders of contributions.


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Being accompanied by a firm sometimes becomes necessary for certain companies. Putting together and writing a file can take a lot of time, this is where the firm comes into play. It will help the company to find and optimize its subsidies and above all give it a real strategy according to its R&D activity. 


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The projects called into question are projects on which the company is not able to demonstrate that it encountered difficulties which could not be resolved by the state of knowledge available at the time.


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The simplification took place in 2008, with the passage in volume. Since then, the CIR has become very easy to calculate. But the projects must be explained in a much more precise way, taking into account the provisions of the new Frascati Manual (2015 edition).


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The new requirements are linked to the Frascati Manual (2015 edition) and its new formal justification criteria. The subcontracting part (invoices, deliverables etc.) is also taken into account. Finally, MESRI encourages public partnerships and the hiring of young doctors considered as favorable factors for R&D. 


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Why should I be concerned about the quality / reliability of my DSN when my payroll data is correct?

The information conveyed through the DSN will be valid with the authorities. Deviations (eg: ill-informed work stoppage) involve errors. The reliability of the DSN must therefore be analyzed in depth.


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GDPR webinar: Replay

#1: GDPR, what are you actually risking in the event of non-compliance in 2019?

CNIL checks and fines, complaints from your candidate or employee clients (+ 56 % in 2018 than in 2017) group actions, loss of data and especially of turnover due to not being able to justify your compliance with your donors order.

A common observation: To have a good measure of risk, you must master the requirements of the GDPR and invest accordingly (IT, legally and commercially).


#2: What pragmatic steps should you take to become GDPR compliant in 2019?

Make an inventory, an action plan and gradually implement this action plan in a continuous and pragmatic manner. Otherwise, your compliance work will be wasted. The CNIL does not ask you to be fully compliant but simply to prove your goodwill with concrete elements of proof.


#3 : GDPR compliance, what is the point of being supported by a consulting firm?

At GAC Group, we have chosen to support our customers à la carte in their compliance in a very pragmatic and factual manner. Our clients benefit from the experience of our expert consultants in GDPR (with a legal and cybersecurity background) and the different cases they have been able to manage.


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