Public aid and subsidies for the agri-agro sector: expert opinions, feedback and case studies

The agricultural and agri-food sectors are an integral part of the Group's activities. major government acceleration strategies to initiate tomorrow's socio-economic transitions and invest massively in them.

As a result, the The sector benefits from a number of public funding schemes - national and regional calls for projects and calls for expressions of interest - aimed at supporting innovation and investment projects by individual companies or consortia (France Relance, PIA4, France 2030) and have been doing so for several years.

G.A.C. Group therefore followed and accompanied by numerous projects on behalf of players in the agri-agricultural sector, from start-ups to major corporations, and this until subsidies and/or repayable advances are obtained by the funding body.

On the strength of these successes, our consultants, experts in public aid for the agri-food sector, can offer you their expertise in the following areas feedback illustrated by case studies and customer testimonials in a special 10-page dossier to give you the benefit of best practices to maximize your chances of success.

Key points covered :

  1. What are the 5 major challenges for today and tomorrow for the agri-agro sector?
  2. What are the calls for projects currently opento support the agri-food sector?
  3. What are the key success factors for obtaining public funding dedicated to agri-business?

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