Innovation, performance and impact in the Digital sector (Information and Communication Technologies)

G.A.C. Group supports and accompanies companies in the Digital sector (also known as Information and Communication Technologies - ICT) in their innovation strategies and their ambitions for performance and positive impact on society and the environment.

Digital: a major sector of the French economy

1.5 million jobs

170 bn sales

70,000 companies

of which 98% from VSEs and SMEs

The entire digital industry is facing major challenges in a highly competitive global context, with the following factors accelerating technological innovationa digital transformation needs in all sectors of the economy, the threats posed by the cyber security, the training and recruitment needs for evolving skillsDigital technology has a significant environmental impact.

For many companies, the key to remaining competitive is innovation, and in particular digitization of their businesses. With its extensive R&D capabilities (industries, public research organizations, competitive clusters, technical centers, grandes écoles), France is home to a highly dynamic innovation ecosystem.

Digital industry: innovation and competitiveness

Innovation in the digital sector calls for a constant search for new business models and the development of new technologies.adoption of constantly emerging technologies Artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, virtual or augmented reality, Internet of Things (IoT) or 5/6G networks, blockchain, etc.

A very important sector for competitiveness of French industryhe must constantly innovate to stay competitiveThis is particularly true in the face of the Internet giants and the dynamic innovation ecosystems of the most innovative countries (USA, China, Europe, South Korea, Japan, Israel, etc.).

Digital technology and the environment: a major challenge

Finally, the environment is a major challenge for Digital on a global scale, with companies contributing to greenhouse gas emissions, overall energy consumption, electronic waste production and dependence on rare metals. According to ADEME, in France, the Digital sector accounted for around 2.8% of greenhouse gas emissions in 2019.

How do you achieve performance through innovation in the digital sector?

How can public support finance innovation in the digital sector?

The French government and Europe are particularly supportive of the digital sector. In France, we can cite R&D and innovation financing schemes such as tax credits (CIR and CII) or even public aids and subsidies that follow the major government acceleration strategies such as the themes of France 2030 : Cybersecurity, Cloud, 5G and networks of the future, Quantum technologies.

Of European fundingthrough the Horizon Europe ProgramThey are also involved in supporting research and innovation around the sector's issues, in particular the " Digital Europe Programme "but also through sectoral and thematic programs such as the EU4Health Programme (EU4H) "or the Innovation Fund (INNOVFUND) "

In addition public assistance to support the digital transformation of small businesses.

Financing innovation in the digital sector also involves leveraging intellectual property assets, in particular copyright-protected software, through the IP Box tax regime.

How to innovate better and faster?

In addition to financial aid, digital companies can also accelerate their innovation projects by using theopen innovation and co-innovation to set up public-private partnerships and generate new ideas or market opportunities (new business models, new services, etc.).

In order to implement an effective and constructive innovation strategy, major national and international digital companies need toalign their growth strategy with their capacity for innovation. A innovation diagnosis may be a solution to highlight the key success factors of a sustainable innovation strategy.

G.A.C. also offers a ideXlab Open Innovation platform which enables fast state-of-the-artidentify innovative ecosystemsof contact potential partners in the digital sectorBut also in all related sectors or customers to accelerate collaborative innovation.

For over 20 years, our multi-disciplinary team of PhD students and engineers has been advising and supporting digital players in their innovation projects, from R&D to obtaining financing. G.A.C. leverages its sector-specific experience to help you implement your projects through a comprehensive offer to innovate, perform and adopt a responsible approach.

How does digital technology accelerate social performance?

How can the digital sector boost your HR performance?

The Digital sector is faced with high recruitment and training needs that are crucial to innovation and competitiveness, particularly in the following areas:

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning,
  • Web and mobile development,
  • Cybersecurity,
  • Data analysis and data science
  • Blockchain and cryptocurrencies,
  • Virtual and augmented reality,
  • Cloud computing skills.

G.A.C.'s teams are able to assist you in the following areasidentifying partners or expertise in these fields.

Today, digital technology affects all companies, and consequently all HR departments. Indeed, because of their central role, human resources have been at the forefront of companies' digital transformation right from the start. As the guarantor of team skills and the development of new know-how linked to new uses, it plays a strategic role in this profound transformation.

Manage your HR indicators

The health crisis contributed to accelerate HR digitalization for greater efficiency. Digital technology brings new dimension to HR. The latter are not only a cost center, they also enable a more efficient use of resources. effective, controlled management of the company's most important resource: people. Digital technology is transforming the HR profession by making it possible toautomate time-consuming, low-value-added tasks, so you can focus on the essentials.

We're convinced that monitoring HR indicators using high-performance digital tools is the key to boosting the efficiency of your teams, which is why we offer a a complete HR decision-support solution.

The D2BI business intelligence solution allows our customers to manage their human resources across all their sites absenteeism, entry-exit, gender equality, etc. Using highly granular indicators, your HR teams can make decisions adapted to the realities of the company.

Improved management of occupational injuries

Digital businesses, like all others, are exposed to work-related accidents and illnesses, which is why it's important to be aware of them. Examples include musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), vision problems, stress and fatigue.

Indeed, as the company's primary resource, human resources alone represent an under-exploited growth lever for ensuring your company's profitability.

Our consultants specializing in Social Security law can help you optimize the management of your occupational injuries. with the powerful, intuitive and fully secure control solution, AT Advance.

A risk prevention policy coupled with a optimized management of your accidents and occupational diseases will improve your employees' quality of life at work, while reducing your costs.

Controlling your social charges

For more than 20 years, we have been helping companies in the digital sector to overall control of their social charges generated by this indispensable resource, the human being.
In order to secure your financial and social situationwe produce payroll audits, DSN compliance audits and social security audits (verification of compliance with regulations, optimization of loads, security and reliability of data) in order to make sure you contribute the right amount. Our payroll and DSN experts assist you during URSSAF audits.

G.A.C. has earned a solid reputation in HR performance thanks to the technical expertise of our legal consultants in payroll, social security charges, DSN and Social Security law. Our experts offer dedicated support to help you make the right decisions, supported by cutting-edge analysis tools.

To what extent is controlled taxation a major challenge for digital companies?

More than ever, you need a solid, reliable cash management to help your business grow.

G.A.C has developed a complete service offer for to reduce your tax burden and meet your challenges through various meanslocal taxation (property tax, business property tax, business value added tax), energy taxation (TICFE, TICGN, TURPE, CEE), the taxation of urban planning, ancillary taxes (taxes on offices and commercial surfaces, TASCOM), and contributions (C3S, etc.))

Finally, thanks to ourimplementation study (advice in the choice of the implantation according to taxes), we accompany you in your real estate projects in order tooptimize your expenses.

Anticipate your local tax expenses

Our tax consultants offer support throughout your land investments and restructuring (reporting assistance, budgeting, etc.) for secure local taxes. 

You have received a TF/CFE audit notification from the tax authorities?

Our team will accompanies during tax audits to secure your rental values and reduce your additional contributions etc.)

For over 20 years, our tax consultants have been helping our customers in the digital industry to diagnose, secure, optimize and rationalize their local and energy tax expenses. They are able to support business leaders, as well as their management and/or functional teams (CFO, CFO, Tax Department, Legal Department, etc.). From monitoring to litigation in partnership with law firms, they help you manage your tax expenses.

They trust us
"G.A.C. supports Zaion in all matters related to the public funding of our innovation: CIR, AAP. It's important for us to be able to discuss our projects and our strategy with confidence and to have, beyond the realization of missions, a real partner.
Structuring and submitting applications for grants and subsidies (7th wave of the i-Nov innovation competition)
vif software
"We're very satisfied, because we feel the case is very solid, and the method very well documented and serious. We were able to benefit from tax savings of around €300,000 last year."
Administrative and Financial Manager
Tax support (IP Box)
"The consultants we work with are very responsive, very professional and conscientious in all our dealings. Both on the technical side and on the financial side. They are experts in the field. And on a human level, they are people with whom we have established a relationship of trust. This allows us to work in a pleasant and friendly environment.
Vice-President, New Technologies
CIR support
"We were very satisfied with the quality of the deliverables, and the customization of the information provided. I would recommend G.A.C. Group, especially for companies that need pragmatism. I appreciated their transparency and their support throughout this mission. In 3 words: Professionalism, Human and Qualitative.
General manager
Innovation marketing support
"The G.A.C. teams were very responsive. The tool is relatively easy to use. All our documents were commented on, with suggestions for modification. We received a lot of precise feedback, which we took into account and which enabled us to produce a solid file. I'm completely satisfied with the MyCIR solution, and I'd recommend it to anyone wishing to claim a CIR. "
General Manager IcyPeas
Support on our myCIR platform
"For your information: 100 % a success! Thank you for your contribution to this success."
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