Our digital offers

To complement our various consulting services, we offer digital solutions that optimize and automate numerous processes, thus boosting productivity.

Digitization enables processes to be transformed into more efficient solutions, creating opportunities for innovation and improving overall productivity. Discover our digital offers:

Finance your projects with the Research Tax Credit and the Innovation Tax Credit

MyCIR, a 100% digital offer allowing you to manage your CIR/CII independently while benefiting from our expertise on these tax measures with regard to the requirements of the administration.

Improve your company's cash flow with myCIR, an independent, expert CIR/CII management solution!

Find out about the state of scientific and technical knowledge, contact specialized experts

Find up-to-date information on the latest technological and scientific trends, drawing on vast data resources and a global network of experts and companies.

Save time and stay on top of the latest technological and scientific trends!

Evaluate your innovation strategy, from its definition to its implementation

InnoSurvey is the only tool that evaluates the effectiveness of your innovation strategy. It also provides tactical and operational recommendations.

Optimize the effectiveness of your innovation strategy in collaboration with your teams!

Track and summarize your innovation project expenses

Keeping track of your employees' working days (activity, duration, location, customer...) has never been easier with the MyInnoTime solution.

Manage your productivity and make it easier to justify your activity!

They trust us
Grimaud Group
"This support has been very beneficial to us. We are very satisfied with the human aspect of this process. We had very professional, very understanding people in front of us, really concerned about bringing us very specific elements."
Deputy General Manager, GRIMAUD Group
Innovation Diagnostic Support (Innosurvey®)
"The MyCIR offer met my expectations: to benefit from expertise at an attractive price. For the technical file, I was well taken by the hand and the comments are very clear. I recommend!"
Support on our myCIR platform
"The G.A.C. teams were very responsive. The tool is relatively easy to use. All our documents were commented on, with suggestions for modification. We received a lot of precise feedback, which we took into account and which enabled us to produce a solid file. I'm completely satisfied with the MyCIR solution, and I'd recommend it to anyone wishing to claim a CIR. "
General Manager IcyPeas
Support on our myCIR platform

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