Our quality approach

At GAC Group, our raison d'être Innovation & Performance for Impact is a permanent commitment to help face the economic, societal and environmental challenges of our customers and regions.

The spirit of excellence is everyone's business at G.A.C. Group, and is embodied by all the company's functions in order to achieve a high level of quality. This priority is facilitated by an organization dedicated to the Qualityto Outilities and Methodes.

The main missions are :

Efficient processes and operating procedures
Development of new value-creating tools for our customers
Structuring certification and referencing processes
Measuring and monitoring customer satisfaction
Continuous skills improvement
Regular evolution of our practices

Our processes

Each consultant is supported in his mission by a framework of efficient procedures and tools made available by the Quality Tools & Methods department.

At the end of each stage of our assignments, our managers make sure that the methodology quality of deliverables before distribution.

At the same time, the Quality, Tools and Methods Manager is responsible for internal audits to ensure that procedures are being followed. Every six months, indicators are analyzed by quality review with the Executive Committee and a action plan is arbitrated.

As part of our continuous improvement processWe carry out an annual review of all our procedures and tools, and decide on any necessary updates.

hélène rolfo cazes

Hélène CAZES

Quality, Tools and Methods Manager

Our continuous improvement approach paid off again in 2022.

The adoption by all G.A.C. Group employees of the "G.A.C. Group" logo highlights our quality approach and our added value for our customers.

This is reflected in our ever-increasing customer satisfaction: 90% of our customers who responded to questionnaires in 2022 say they would recommend us!

Customer satisfaction

Listening to customers is at the heart of our concerns. At the end of the main phases of our assignments, we provide our customers with a satisfaction survey in order to better meet their expectations and enable them to express their level of satisfaction.

Feedback is analyzed on an ongoing basis by the Quality, Tools and Methods Manager, and shared with the mission team to provide an appropriate response if necessary. At the same time, as part of our continuous improvement approach quality committees with managers every two weeks to decide on the most appropriate action plans associates.

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"The availability of the experts, their sense of pedagogy, the fact that training is included in the service and the hours of advice. The availability of the experts, their sense of pedagogy, the fact that there are training actions included in the service and consulting hours."
Human Resources Manager
Steering HR indicators (D2BI)
"G.A.C. supports Zaion in all matters related to the public funding of our innovation: CIR, AAP. It's important for us to be able to discuss our projects and our strategy with confidence and to have, beyond the realization of missions, a real partner.
Chairman | Nicolas DOUDOUX - CMO
Offer intelligent interactive tools for a digitalized 2.0 relationship
Galeries Lafayette
"We're delighted with the work we've accomplished! We have new challenges to meet together, not only in terms of systematic use of the tool, but also in terms of continuing to train the people involved. These are projects in which we have every confidence in G.A.C.'s expertise.
Occupational Safety & Disability Manager
Occupational risk management with the AT Advance platform
"We particularly appreciated G.A.C. Group's guidance and support, especially in managing our tax audit. The expertise and reliability of the consulting team really helped us to justify and secure our CIR by meeting the requirements of the tax authorities."
Senior Manager Accounting at AMGEN France
Optimizing and securing your CIR on a long-term basis
"We're very satisfied with the support and ease of use of this intuitive tool. This BI tool perfectly meets our needs: to save time thanks to rapid deployment, to have access to reliable information in real time, and to be supported when needed on subjects around DSN, social reporting and HR Reporting."
Administrative and Financial Director
Steering HR indicators (D2BI)
"We were very satisfied with the quality of the deliverables, and the customization of the information provided. I'd recommend G.A.C. Group, especially for companies that need pragmatism. I appreciated their transparency and support throughout the assignment. In 3 words: Professional, Human and Qualitative".
General manager
Identify new markets and qualify new opportunities through innovation marketing

Recognized quality standards

Our expertise is also underlined by the institutional bodies of our sector through recognized certifications and standards (OPQCM, Médiation des Entreprises, Banque de France...).

OPQCM qualification

The OPQCM (Office Professionnel de Qualification des Conseils en Management) certifies consulting firms that have proven their professionalism on the following criteria:

  • compliance with regulations,
  • the suitability of skills for the tasks in hand,
  • customer satisfaction,
  • financial sustainability,
  • compliance with the code of ethics and professional conduct.

G.A.C. Group has been qualified since 2010.

Business Mediation

We have been listed as a Research Tax Credit and Innovation Tax Credit consultancy by the Médiateur des Entreprises under number 2016-04-01/02/2.0 since 2016.

This listing confirms that G.A.C. Group respects the 5 duties (information, awareness, warning, protection and communication) and 11 commitments, including :

  • Provide information in the pre-sales and sales phases,
  • Support in carrying out the mission,
  • Post-mission support,
  • Contribute to the ecosystem.
bank of france

Banque de France rating

In 2023, our Banque de France rating was E1 or the 2nd best score on our level of activity. Our capacity to meet our 3-year financial commitments is estimated at excellent+.

GDPR compliance

G.A.C. Group has initiated a voluntary RGPD compliance approach for the processing of personal data, implementing duties and obligations for data processing.

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