The Research Tax Credit (CIR) is an effective tax system to help companies manage their R&D projects and strategic programs.
It allows innovative companies to finance up to 30% of their R&D expenses.
Regarding the CII, only the design and prototyping phases of a product or software are eligible as well as (significant) improvement work on an already existing solution.
How to benefit from these devices serenely while exploring all the opportunities?

Our offer

We support you in structuring your CIR / CII approach to support your R & D & I strategy

Launch of the mission

Co-structure the approach and raise the awareness of key stakeholders, share news about the system and provide upstream guidance on needs and objectives.

Identification of eligible projects

Identify all eligible projects via an exhaustive analysis, map the projects according to the Stakes / Risks ratio.

Determination of eligible expenditure

Evaluate eligible expenses and guide investments, measure the challenges by entity, project, department, etc.

Constitution of the supporting file

Write files continuously and adapt the approach according to the organization / project, initiate it from the audit to rationalize exchanges.

Tax audit assistance

Develop a defense strategy upstream of control, refine the strategy according to regulatory changes and the administration's approach


Digital time management solution

ACTIVITY is a 100% solution adapted to the CIR and CII requirements allowing a better structuring of the time tracking of your employees as well as an optimized management of resources for your R & D & I projects.

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