Innovation, performance and impact for the health-biotech sector

For more than 20 years, G.A.C. Group has been accompanying and supporting all players in the healthcare sector (industries, medtech or biotech start-ups, healthcare centers) in their innovation strategies and their ambitions for performance and positive and sustainable impact on society and the environment.

Health industries and technologies: a dynamic and innovative industrial fabric

450,000 jobs

90 billion in sales

3100 companies

The health sector constitutes an innovative and dynamic industrial fabric which invests more than 10% of its revenues in R&D&I.

Companies in the sector - pharmaceutical laboratories, manufacturers of medical or diagnostic devices in vitroThe French biotech and medtech start-ups are now facing major challenges and aim to activate several levers to develop and ensure the competitiveness of the French industry.

Healthcare is one of the sectors with the highest number of competitiveness clusters (Alsace Biovalley, Atlanpôle Biothérapies, Eurobiomed, LyonBiopole, Medicen Paris Région, Nutrition Santé Longévité).

Availability of raw materials, regulatory requirements, epidemics: the healthcare sector is constantly changing

The recent health crisis linked to COVID-19 has highlighted the challenges of the sector and in particular the problems of availability of molecules and raw materials and the strong growth in global healthcare demand. Significant foreign competition, ever-increasing regulatory and sanitary requirements and the regulation of drug prices and reimbursed medical devices are some of the challenges that companies in the French healthcare sector must face.

Sovereignty of the territory and innovative therapies: what are the ambitions of the French health sector?

Therefore, it is more necessary than ever for healthcare stakeholders to activate levers to to ensure French sanitary sovereignty and the competitiveness of the sector. This will involve the development of innovative therapies, pharmaceutical bio-production, precision and personalized medicine thanks to digital health in particular. With the aim of strengthening the existing economic fabric, it will also be a question of capitalize on start-ups and innovative SMEsto rely on the transfer of technologies developed for a first industrialization in France then the construction of flexible production tools adapted to the needs.

How to perform thanks to innovation in the health - biotech sector?

How can public support finance innovation in the healthcare sector?

The French State particularly supports the "healthcare industries and technologies" sector through R&D and innovation financing schemes such as tax credits (CIR and CII) or even public aids and subsidies followed by three large government acceleration strategies dedicated to the healthcare sector such as " Biotherapy and bioproduction of innovative therapies ", " Digital health "or " Emerging infectious diseases - nuclear, radiological and chemical threats ".

Of European fundingthrough the Horizon Europe Program and its Health Clusterare also involved in the supporting research and innovation. While healthcare is the responsibility of national governments, the role of the European Union is to complement national policies by helping them to achieve common goals, generating economies of scale and pooling resources. The role of the European Union is therefore tosupport countries in tackling common challenges such as pandemics, antimicrobial resistance, chronic diseases and the impact of rising life expectancy on healthcare systems.

Financing innovation in the health sector also involves valuation of intellectual property assets such as patents or software solutions dedicated to e-health through the IP Box tax regime.

How to innovate better and faster?

In addition to financial aid, companies in the health and biotechnology sector can also accelerate their innovation projects by using theopen innovation and co-innovation to set up public-private partnerships and to bring out new ideas or market opportunities (new formulations, new primary and secondary packaging, new practices and patient pathways).

In order to implement an effective and constructive innovation strategy, large industrial companies in the health sector at the national and international level mustalign their growth strategy with their capacity for innovation. A innovation diagnosis can be a solution to put in place to highlight the key success factors of a sustainable innovation strategy.

G.A.C. also offers a ideXlab Open Innovation platform which allows to achieve rapid state of the art, d'identify innovative ecosystemsof contact potential partners in the health - biotech sectorBut also in all related sectors (ICT, materials, chemistry, etc.) to accelerate collaborative innovation.

G.A.C. Group's teams are composed of consultants specialized in your field, doctors and engineers, who use their sectoral experience to help you accelerate your projects through a global offer to innovate, perform and be part of a responsible approach with a positive impact and contribute to the sustainability of the French health sector.

How can your HR performance contribute to the growth objectives of healthcare companies?

The health sector is without a doubt one of the sectors in which we observe the most innovations. The resulting transformations necessarily imply a adaptation of your HR policy. Your teams need powerful tools to effectively manage this essential resource. In addition, Innovation in the field of digitalization provides answers to the challenges of human resources departments.

Manage your HR indicators

G.A.C. offers a D2BI business intelligence solution to allow you to use the steering of key indicators to obtain a a clear and complete view of your payroll. D2BI's calculation power allows you to restore in a few clicks all the essential HR data to make measured and informed decisions: entry-exit, absenteeism, age and/or gender distribution, employee status, etc. More than 500 indicators offer you the possibility to possibility to automate your mandatory reports (Gender equality index, BDESE, social balance sheet) or other media that you may need to have visibility into the social health of your company (HR cockpit, ISB). This saves you precious time in order to focus on improvement and/or corrective actions.

Because we are convinced that a sound HR strategy relies heavily on the compliance of regulatory and legal obligationsour consultants will assist you in theaudit and compliance of your DSN. They identify errors that could put you at risk and assist you in adjusting your settings.

Controlling your AT/MP rate

The health and biotechnology sector is not exempt from occupational hazards. A risk prevention policy coupled with a optimized management of your accidents and occupational diseases will improve your employees' quality of life at work, while reducing your costs.

Our consultants, specialists in Social Security Law, have been advising you in the management of your claims for over 20 years. In addition to consulting, G.A.C. has developed AT Advancea powerful and efficient software for simplify and secure the administrative management of your occupational injuries with a powerful and intuitive management solution.  

Controlling your social charges

For nearly 20 years, we have been assisting companies in the healthcare sector in the overall control of their social charges generated by this indispensable resource, the human being.
In order to secure your financial and social situation, we carry out payroll audits, DSN compliance audits and social security audits (verification of compliance with regulations, optimization of loads, security and reliability of data) in order to make sure you contribute the right amount. Our experts in payroll and DSN also assist you during the URSSAF controls.

For more than 20 years, G.A.C. has been supporting major players in the healthcare and biotech sectors, working closely with them to address their issues and transformation challenges. Backed by solid HR performance experience built on the technical expertise of our legal consultants and the development of powerful digital analysis tools, we offer dedicated support in response to sector-specific challenges.

How can your tax system support the investment capacity of industrial health companies and their performance?

The taxation of innovation represents a the first lever to preserve the cash flow of companies in the health industries and technologies sector. Faced with the complexity of tax systems, evolving case law and changes linked to your company's cycle, it's not always easy to understand the mechanisms for rationalizing your tax expenses.

How to anticipate your local tax expenses to ensure your profitability?

You need solid, reliable cash management to enable your business to grow.

The economic weight of your tax expenditures can be colossal for your company.

G.A.C has developed a complete service offer for to reduce your tax burden and meet your challenges through various meanslocal taxation (property tax, business property tax, business value added tax), energy taxation (TICFE, TICGN, TURPE, CEE), the taxation of urban planning, ancillary taxes (taxes on offices and commercial surfaces, TASCOM), and contributions (C3S, etc.))

Finally, thanks to ourimplementation study (advice in the choice of the implantation according to taxes), we accompany you in your real estate projects in order tooptimize your expenses.

Our tax consultants offer support throughout your land investments and restructuring (reporting assistance, budgeting, etc.) for secure local taxes. 

You have received a TF/CFE audit notification from the tax authorities?

Our team will accompanies during tax audits to secure your rental values and reduce your additional contributions etc.)

For over 20 years, our tax consultants have been helping our customers in the healthcare sector to diagnose, secure, optimize and rationalize their local and energy tax expenses, and enable companies in the sector to reinvest in their development.

Our specialists work with large groups, SMEs and SMBs in all sectors of activity. From monitoring to litigation, in partnership with law firms, they can help you manage your tax expenses and optimize your energy-saving costs.

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