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Innovation, performance and impact in the Aerospace and Defense sectors

Aerospace and defense companies and organizations benefit from G.A.C. Group's strategic consulting and operational support to optimize their performance and maximize their impact through innovation and industrial investment.

Aerospace and defense, strategic sectors for the French economy

Defense and aeronautics, driven by shared players, have long been strategic sectors for France, both in terms of sovereignty and balance of trade. Spaceshared at European level, has been gaining in importance in recent years with the new space which allows the emergence of new players and of new business models.

Aerospace and defence: what's at stake for these sectors of national sovereignty?

The aerospace industry in figures

300,000 jobs

65 bn sales

1000 companies

According to MESRI, public support for innovation in this sector is predominantly supported by the defense through major development programs.

The challenges facing the civil aeronautics industry

The civil aeronautics industry has been hard hit by the economic slowdown linked to the economic crisis. Covid-19 health crisiswhich brought air travel to a standstill for 2 years. The recovery is here, bringing new orders. But the sector is facingthe key to decarbonizing air transport. This challenge is reflected in the investments made by the French government in innovation programs, and in the industry's commitment to ensuring the quality of its products. carbon neutrality by 2050. It is also embodied in the new uses made possible by drones and airships, for example.

A space industry shaped by new technologies

As for the space industry, it is seeing competition exacerbated by new business models made possible by breakthrough innovations that are reusable launchers and the micro launchers. Many startups, particularly French ones, are expanding into this launch market. But the development of new types of satellitesand the promotion by Europe and France of the need for sovereign technologies for positioning and communications satellite constellations, for example, are providing a strong momentum in the French space industry.

Planned investment in the defense industry

Last but not least, the defense industry new importance with regard to events triggered in Europe since 2022with the emphasis on the need for increased military capabilities. This is reflected in the continued budget increases for French programsbut also our European neighbors like Germany. France is one of the last countries to have a vision of a "green" economy. a complete, highly independent industry the technological and industrial capabilities of the United States in particular. Once again, this is reflected in the budgetary choices and a focus on innovation programs to support the Defense Industrial and Technological Base (DITB). In this respect, the focus on dual technologiesthat can meet civil and military requirementsis a key vector in the development of the defense industry.

How can we accelerate innovation in the Aerospace & Defense sector?

Grants and subsidies in the aerospace and defense sector

Numerous public grants and subsidies support the industry. Indeed, the ecological transitiona key challenge for the entire industry, is to for the civil aeronautics industry.

The program France 2030 identifies as particularly strategic the development of low-carbon propulsion systemsin particular through two strategic actions: " build the first low-carbon aircraft "on the one hand, " developing low-carbon synthetic fuels "for the aeronautics industry. The industry players grouped within CORAC have unveiled their roadmap centered on these challenges.

The The space sector is strongly supported by innovation support programs. managed by Bpifrance under the aegis of France 2030 and CNES. At the beginning of 2023 major calls for projects on new in-orbit services, mini launchers and satellite constellations. 1.55 billion euros are being invested in New Space over 5 years as part of France 2030, in addition to the participation of other funders innovation, such as regions and Europe. For its part, the EIC (European Innovation Council) is investing nearly 100 million euros in the space sector by 2023.

Finally, the defense industry is supported in its innovation through the major French and European defense programs. European Defense Agency has thus become a a major financier of innovation in the sector. But France, through its highly pragmatic support for dual innovation (RAPID projects)and the DGA support for competitive clusters working on defense-enabling technologies, is also a strong supporter.

Taxation of innovation in the aerospace and defense sectors

In addition to these sector-specific measures, the aeronautics, space and defense industries benefit from more generic tax incentives for innovation, including tax credits (CIR and CII).

The sector's players, who are strongly involved in digital innovation, can also leverage their investments in software or patent development through the IP Box tax regime.

How to innovate better and faster?

But innovation is not just a question of financing. Understand your markets, trends and competitive environment, optimize your organization for better innovation through a innovation diagnosisco-innovate with its partners and customers, and even collectively with its competitors, using the methods ofopen innovation and co-innovationare essential links in the innovation performance chain. Finally, monitoring and measuring results is the key to effective management in support of the company's development strategy, and indeed that of the industry as a whole.

G.A.C. offers a Open Innovation platform, ideXlab which allows to conduct rapid state-of-the-art studies, identify innovative ecosystems and contact potential partners in the defense, aeronautics and space sectors, but also in all related sectors (ICT, materials, optics, electronics, etc.) to accelerate collaborative innovation.

G.A.C. leverages its industry experience to help you implement your projects through a comprehensive offer to innovate, perform and be part of a responsible approach.

Our multidisciplinary team, composed of engineers and doctors, has been advising and assisting players in the industry for more than 20 years in their innovation projects, from the idea to the market launch, including the search for financing.

How can you lighten your workload and manage HR in the Defence, Aerospace and Defence sectors to truly exploit their potential?

We can't say it often enough: your employees are your company's greatest asset. Your company's success depends on them. They embody the company's values and drive its development.

This indispensable resource is also one of your company's main expense items. We can help you optimize your human resources management costs (social charges, payroll, occupational health and safety) to improve performance.

Controlling your AT/MP rate

A risk prevention policy coupled with a optimized management of your accidents and occupational diseases will improve your employees' quality of life at work, while reducing your costs.

Companies in the Defense, Aeronautics and Space sectors are also affected by a high accident rate, and need to be aware of the human and financial consequences of work-related accidents and illnesses.

Our " Management of occupational risks "A team of consultants specializing in Social Security law can advise you on how to optimize the management of your occupational injuries.

G.A.C. has developed AT Advance as part of its comprehensive customer support approach, AT Advancea powerful and intuitive control solution for simplify and secure the administrative management of your occupational injuries. We can help you deploy an efficient claims strategy.

Manage your HR indicators

Because we are convinced that tracking HR indicators using high-performance digital tools is a driving force for increase the efficiency of your teamsWe offer a complete HR decision-support solution.

The D2BI business intelligence solution enables our industrial customers to manage their human resources, whether they have one or several sites: Absenteeism, entries-exits, gender equality, etc. With the help of highly granular indicators, your HR teams can make decisions tailored to the realities of your business. Based on data declared via DSN, D2BI also enables you to secure your company's social situation by ensuring that payroll data compliance and DSN.

G.A.C. has solid experience in HR performance, built on the technical expertise of legal consultants in payroll, social charges, DSN and Social Security law. G.A.C. Group's experts offer dedicated support based on cutting-edge analysis tools and tailor-made advice.

How can your tax system support the investment capacity of companies in the Aerospace Defense sector?

Taxation of innovation is a key lever for preserving the cash flow of companies in the agro-industrial sector. Faced with the complexity of tax systems, evolutions in case law and changes linked to your company's cycle, it's not always easy to understand the mechanisms for rationalizing your tax expenditure.

You need solid, reliable cash management to enable your business to grow.

How can you anticipate tax-related expenses to guarantee your profitability?

G.A.C has developed a complete service offer for to reduce your tax burden and meet your challenges through various meanslocal taxation (property tax, business property tax, business value added tax), energy taxation (TICFE, TICGN, TURPE, CEE), the taxation of urban planning, ancillary taxes (taxes on offices and commercial surfaces, TASCOM), and contributions (C3S, etc.))

For over 20 years, our tax consultants have been providing support throughout your property investment and restructuring projects (assistance with tax returns, budgeting, etc.) to ensure that your local taxes are secure.

You have received a TF/CFE audit notification from the tax authorities?

Our team will accompanies during tax audits to secure your rental values and reduce your additional contributions etc.)

For over 20 years, our tax consultants have been helping our industrial customers to diagnose, secure, optimize and rationalize their local and energy-related tax expenses. Our specialists work with large groups as well as ETIs, real estate companies and SMEs in all sectors of activity. From monitoring to litigation, in partnership with law firms, they help you manage your tax expenses.

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