How will Horizon Europe support healthcare innovation in 2024?

Upcoming calls for "health cluster of the second pillar of the Horizon Europe" Research and Innovation will focus on the following themes

  • Host-pathogen interaction in infectious diseases with epidemic potential
  • Bio-impression of living cells
  • Assessing the clinical performance of medical devices and diagnostics in vitro

Are your R&D&I projects concerned by these issues?

It's the perfect time to prepare your proposal to respond to the calls for projects of the Horizon Europe health program for 2024. There's still time to identify the AAPs that correspond to your R&D topics or that could benefit from your technologies and innovations!

Our experts in European projects for the healthcare sector offer you a complete guide to guide you through the process of responding to a Horizon Europe call for projects.

By downloading this special report, you will discover :

  • Calls for projects Horizon Europe Health for 2024
  • Financing opportunities beyond the Health Cluster
  • Checklist: 5 questions to ask yourself before launching your proposal
  • Best practices for maximize your chances of success in the face of fierce competition
  • Case studies: PROPHET and SMART HEALTH Vanguard Initiative projects

Download our special file now and put all the chances on your side to prepare a winning proposal for the 2024 calls for projects!

Special feature: How will Horizon Europe support healthcare innovation in 2024?

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