Control the taxes that revolve around your building

Nearly 80% of your local tax bill comes from your real estate assets, whether you are tenants or owners. In a fragile context of economic recovery, it is time to reflect on concrete actions allowing to control your costs in the long term.

Your company lives and so does its assets. But how can you keep up with the latest developments, measures and reliefs in force? With all these transformations of your real estate, how can you prevent reporting errors ? How to ensure pay the right amount ?

During this webinar, our specialists in local tax performance shared with you ways to optimize your tax system.

Key points covered in this webinar:

  1. The fundamentals of local taxation
  2. How are your taxes calculated?
  3. What types of changes can make your taxes go up or down?
  4. What are the points of vigilance and pitfalls to avoid?

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