Cooperl - Preparing aid and subsidy applications

"FILGOOD is a structuring project for the consortium partners. The recognition of its impact on the national pork industry, and therefore its public co-financing, is the result of a real collaborative approach with the G.A.C. team.

Cooperl Innovation is a company that pools R&D resources to support the group's upstream and downstream business lines. Cooperl on cross-functional R&D projects.

COOPERL's problematic

COOPERL is seeking funding for its project FarmLab.

FarmLab is a project aiming to study the impacts of tomorrow's breeding methods on animals, people and the planet and the evaluation of sustainable solutions to perpetuate breeding and the pork industry in our territories

Accompanying G.A.C. Group

Putting together a aid application for the "Plan de structuration des filières agricoles et agroalimentaires, FranceAgriMer "

Cooperl was accompanied in 2021, the mission lasted 3 months.

Solutions provided by G.A.C. Group

  1. Positioning of the opportunity with public institutions
  2. Structuring of the project response to the AAP 
  3. Co-writing of the application file
  4. Assistance with the filing of the application 

COOPERL has benefited from:

  • A sample letter of support
  • A complete grant application file

What were the results?

  • Granting of requested assistance
  • Building a FarmLab
  • Quantifying the impact of different farming methods on animal health
  • Creation of a new market segment for processed meats based on environmental and BEA criteria

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