Automate your BDES via the DSN!

The BDES (Base of Donnates Eeconomical and Social) is a legal obligation for companies with at least 50 employees with a CE or CSE and brings together indicators for workforce management, HR development, payroll... Since 2018, it has become more complex with the integration of the social balance sheet and the gender equality index.

1. The BDES must meet the following legal obligations:

  • Firstly, the employer must design, implement and maintain the BDES
  • The employer must also make a BDES available to the CSE or staff representatives
  • The BDES includes mandatory information which vary according to the workforce of the company (+/- 300 employees)
  • Finally, a clarification: the public authorities encourage the establishment of a BDES adapted in collaboration with staff representatives

So, how to set up or update your BDES? How to be in compliance with this obligation?

2. Our solution D²BI :

Our D²BI solution is a Business Intelligence solution that helps you optimize your DSN. Regarding your BDES, this solution is able to:

  • Provide the indicators requested under the BDES that can be fed through the DSN
  • Provide consistent data: the same data as that provided to the government and social security bodies.
  • Provide you with a BDES downloads platform: editable report and grid with all indicators

Our objective: to save you time and give you flexibility in the choice of your indicators and the scope of the BDES. Our experts will support you in setting up your BDES in order to promote social dialogue and save you time!

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions on the subject.

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