Managing fragility in the workplace

According to the latest DARES figures from November 2023, in 2022, 65,700 disabled workers are employed by the 111,300 companies subject to the obligation to employ disabled workers (OETH).

This represents a direct employment rate of 3.5% of the total workforce under obligation, or 4.5 % if we take into account the overvaluation of OETH beneficiaries aged 50 and over resulting from the 2020 reform.

We're still a long way from our target of 6%, despite a clear commitment on the part of companies.

But talking about disability in the workplace is not just about employment rates. Visit about disability is obviously more globalThis includes actions taken to welcome disabled employees into the company, those to encourage the declaration of disabled workers, tools to manage actions, monitoring and training made available to employees, and management carried out by payroll teams. So, within an organization, the subject concerns every employee, every manager, every department.

Through this guide, every member of an organization can find answers, best practices and ideas.

In this white paper you will find answers to the following questions:

  • Disability and payroll management

  • Steering

  • Existing systems and support

You'll also find practical factsheets on BOETH, essential monthly declarations and the PCS-ESE codes used for ECAP.

The G.A.C. Group and D2BI found that managing fragility in the workplace was at the heart of HR departments' concerns. Depending on a company's size and resources, knowledge and expertise on the subject are disparate, and needs differ, at a time when legislation and regulations are evolving and having a major impact on our customers' HR policies.

The aim of this white paper is therefore to provide a "toolbox" and a few solutions in order to to manage this vast HR issue as effectively as possible, and ultimately adopt a more inclusive approach.

White paper - Managing fragility in the workplace

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