Transform your energy performance into a sustainable growth driver!

Energy performance: a major challenge

Now more than ever, with the energy crisis and growing awareness of corporate environmental responsibility, energy performance is a major issue for organizations.

Companies have seized the opportunity offered by the ecological transition to reduce both their costs and their carbon footprint, while boosting their competitiveness. With the help of innovative solutions and support tailored to their needs, they can now achieve significant energy savings, while complying with environmental standards.

At G.A.C. Group, we are firmly convinced that corporate social responsibility fosters innovation and competitiveness by offering the opportunity to develop new, more efficient and environmentally-friendly products and services. Our conviction leads us to believe that improving the energy performance of companies is a strategic lever for differentiating themselves on the market, anticipating regulatory and societal changes, and contributing to sustainable growth.

It is with these certainties in mind that we mobilize our employees and partners around this shared vision, and support our customers on a daily basis in their objectives to reduce their environmental footprint and develop sustainable solutions.

That's why, as a responsible company, we are committed to actively contributing to improving your positive impact.

Secure the financing of your energy performance with support in the form of grants and subsidies!

Whether it's the plant renovationfrom use of renewable energiesof installation of equipment to improve production methods oroptimizing your lightingthere are many opportunities for improve your company's energy performance. These require an investment that can be very substantial and represent a brake.

Our tax and energy performance division can help you toidentifying sources of financing for which you may be eligible and helping you put together your applications to increase your chances of obtaining grants and subsidies.

With the stimulus package and regional and/or European aid, political authorities have introduced a number of measures to accelerate the energy transition of businesses. Valuable assistance, some of which can finance a large part of your projects! 

Our specialists in public grants and subsidies are at your side throughout your search for financing. They can help you :

Evaluate your eligibility for assistance

Estimate the profitability of your work

Identify the calls for projects and windows that may correspond to your projects

Secure your application for grants and subsidies or CEE

Benefit from comprehensive support and increase your chances of obtaining financing!

We have created a virtuous ecosystem made up of partners and experts, enabling us toexpand financing opportunities with still little-known devices such as the CEE. These skills complement our expertise and the teams working in particular on the European programs. So you can benefit from comprehensive support and increase your chances of obtaining financing.

Turn your energy performance into a source of opportunities for innovate, create value and take full advantage of economic and ecological benefits it brings you

Do you have a project in mind? Would you like to check your eligibility for assistance or a scheme? Book a 20-minute appointment with one of our financing experts to benefit from high-quality, tailor-made support.

Our support

For almost 20 years, our experts have been helping you to identify sources of financing and to put together your applications for grants and subsidies, so as to increase your chances of obtaining them.

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