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In this article, discover the 5 key success factors for building your application and maximizing your chances of obtaining public funding.
Discover the notion of naturalness in food for consumers and explore the innovations in the food industry to achieve it.
The second WeImpact competition is aimed at rewarding 3 winners with projects that have a positive impact on the environment, society and local communities.
In this customer testimonial, find out how Eureteq has boosted its activities by diversifying and structuring them, offering a proactive response to a possible decline in sales in the face of a slowing market.
Get inspired by recent technological innovations in eco-responsible packaging by watching our webinar!
Discover the key points for carrying out market research and making the right decisions to maximize the success of your R&D and innovation projects.
Find out about the barriers to open innovation in companies, and how the approach is evolving after 20 years of practice.
Discover how open innovation has been deployed within companies over the past 20 years: crowdsourcing, startup scouting, co-creativity and digitalization.
In this webseries, our experts explain how to turn the CIR and CII into a sustainable growth lever for your innovation projects.
Discover the testimony of Yumain, accompanied by our experts in the context of an innovation marketing mission to identify new markets
In this customer testimonial, discover how Sealynx succeeded in identifying new markets thanks to Open Innovation!
In this webinar, discover how to maximize your chances of commercializing your innovation projects and ensure their profitability.
Diagnostic Innovation, do you have all the keys to innovate? The answer in this webinar replay, including a customer testimonial!
Our webinar shows you how to optimize your cash flow quickly with CIR/CII pre-financing!

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