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GAC Group joins the Explore crew!

GAC Group is pleased to announce its partnership with Explore, an endowment fund to support and develop real solutions to engage our ecosystems and realize positive initiatives for our society and our planet.

GAC Referenced Business Mediator

Referencing of consulting actors in CIR-CII: unconditional maintenance of GAC referencing

In mid-April 2018, the Mediator of Companies announced the maintenance, without reservation, of the listing of GAC Group as a CIR-CII Consulting Firm. Referencing by the Mediator of Companies, a pledge of confidence Those involved in CIR-CII consulting who so wish are assessed by the Mediation of Companies on their ability to respect and

GAC Group supports the Red Cross - GAC GROUP

GAC Group supports the Red Cross

GAC Group, an international consulting firm, recently provided support to the French Red Cross by paying it a donation that will be allocated to all of the association's activities. The French Red Cross For more than 150 years, the French Red Cross has fought against all forms of suffering and has supported the most vulnerable on a daily basis. Grace


GAC Group partner of SYSTEM FACTORY in the Var (83)

To strengthen its presence with innovative and value-creating companies in the South of France, GAC Group is pleased to announce a partnership with SYSTEM FACTORY, hosted at the Technopôle de la Mer near Toulon (83). System Factory is a group of players from different sectors (naval / aeronautics / risks) which aims to develop a center of excellence in

GAC s & #039; commits to diversity - GAC GROUP

GAC Group is committed to gender diversity

In June, GAC Group stepped up its commitment to gender diversity, by becoming a partner of the Elles bougent association, which promotes scientific professions among young girls. OBJECTIVE: Encourage vocations thanks to testimonies They move places the meeting between its godmothers and young girls at the heart of all its events (Forums, visits

A partnership to promote maritime research and innovation in the West - GAC Group

A partnership to promote maritime research and innovation in the West!

    On the occasion of the maritime festivals in Brest on July 18, 2016, GAC Group and the Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique formalized their partnership. His goal ? Allow businesses in the region to benefit from tailor-made support in improving their HR, financial and innovation performance. The Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique, which promotes

Tax package: exceptional press release - GAC Group

Tax package: exceptional press release

The fiscal calendar has one specific feature: the inconsistency between the date of the tax declarations (package) and the filing of the corporate tax balance statement. Indeed, the 15-day tolerance that existed in previous years no longer exists. The lobbying action carried out by the accountants and statutory auditors of France (ECF) brought about

Les Echos - Innovative SMEs are less severe with the executive - GAC Group

Les Echos - Innovative SMEs are less severe with the executive

Nearly 500 innovative companies were surveyed by the Richelieu Committee and GAC Group. They are more in favor of the competitiveness employment tax credit. After a movement of mistrust at the start of the five-year term, entrepreneurs have a little more faith in the government's measures. Thus, a third of the 500 innovative SMEs questioned

Option Finance - Cost optimization a necessary investment - GAC Group

Option Finance - Cost optimization: a necessary investment

Agility, competitiveness and even acceleration of processes are among the main current objectives of companies. To achieve this, they continue to focus on optimizing their costs. The success of such an approach nevertheless presupposes identifying its main cost centers, including those that are incurred and hidden, and implementing processes

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