Discover the importance of accurate time tracking for the Research Tax Credit (CIR), confirmed by several rulings, and secure your CIR.
Find out what the Conseil d'Etat has to say about how young doctor status is taken into account in the CIR.
Discover the eligibility criteria for the Young Innovative Growth Company (JEIC) status for SMEs.
Find out how to anticipate risks and secure your practices to make your CIR a sustainable source of financing for your R&D and innovation.
Find out about new measures to simplify administrative procedures for the CIR, healthcare innovation and the establishment of data centers.
Read the testimonial from Infolegale, supported by our experts in securing its CIR and putting together an application to finance innovation and R&D activities.
Find out more about the application of this new tax credit, based on our experience since its introduction.
Practical guide: Writing the technical file to justify and secure your CIR / CII
Find out about the tax schemes and financial incentives that will encourage companies to opt for greener practices.
Guide CIR du MESR 2023 : nouvelles recommandations pour constituer le dossier justificatif et précisions sur les agréments
Find out about the new European regulation raising the de minimis aid ceiling to €300,000 for all companies.
Discover new case law on the eligibility of in-house intellectual property expenditure for the research tax credit.
Discover the new case law on the total deduction of a public subsidy when calculating the research tax credit.
Discover the contents of the Finance Bill 2024, which has been definitively adopted: C3IV, changes to JEI status, no changes to CIR and CII.

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