Structure your R&D and innovation projects and secure your CIR / CII with a time and activity management solution!

Personnel expenses in the CIR / CII: significant amounts to be secured

The personnel expenses represent the largest share of costs for companies' R&D and innovation projects. It is therefore necessary to structuring the time spent by teams - technical or support - assigned to research or innovation projects.

In addition to the staff's legitimacy to perform R&D/innovation work through their skills (diploma, experience, job description...), their involvement in the project in the sense of the nature of the task performed (participation in meetings, deliverables written, scoring by phase...or any element tracing the operations undertaken) is just as essential for the valuation of expenses incurred.

Personnel expenses and CIR / CII: how best to meet tax authorities' requirements?

In a an increasingly demanding tax environmentIt is now more than ever necessary to anticipate and secure the management of your research or innovation tax credit, in order to cope with the increasing number of inspections by the authorities.

In fact, tax authorities are increasingly focusing on the robustness of the time allocated to each project in order to check the consistency between the amounts declared and the work described. Many companies don't keep track of these activities, or use simple spreadsheets to track them, or don't make the most of their ERP system because it's too complex.

The The structuring of employee time tracking and the management of R&D&I projects in figures are among the key elements to be taken into consideration. to justify and secure your CIR and/or CII declaration.

That's why G.A.C. has developed MyInnoTime, a 100% web and mobile solution for tracking time, activities and indicators, adapted to the needs of research and innovation tax credits.

Our solution for structuring, securing and managing your R&D and innovation projects in line with CIR / CII requirements

Depending on your needs, the MyInnoTime solution can be integrated with our complete or customized support package dedicated to the managing your CIR or CII.

MyInnoTime, configurable and intuitive SaaS-mode solutionallows you to record your employees' activity (in hours or days) in real time on web and mobile. This facilitates the management of your R&D and innovation projects, and optimizes the management of your resources.

Ergonomics and adaptability of the solution

  • Automate pre-entry tasks to boost employee productivity
  • Connect with existing HRIS and ERP systems
  • Benefit from a notification system and support service

Organizational activity and efficiency

  • Optimize employee activity on projects
  • Set up a validation process and analytical allocations
  • Monitor KPIs and indicators dedicated to managers or executives for steering your R&D and innovation activity

Managing your CIR / CII

  • Manage your projects thanks to a double analytical reading: by project and by phase of progress (R&D trials / pilot or industrialization / production)
  • Track CIR / CII eligible time spent in real time
  • Ensure traceability of entry dates

Discover MyInnoTime

Your benefits

A easier piloting your R&D and innovation projects

A increased productivity and efficiency for your employees

A visualize your key indicators at a glance linked to the activities of your employees and your projects

A simplified management of your CIR and/or CII to secure your declaration

Our other digital tools for structuring and securing your tax credit

MyGAC, our digital platform for managing your IP Box

The necessary information and documents are centralized on MyGAC: our secure, collaborative platform for efficient management of your IP Box. All the data are stored in France to ensure seamless security of your technical and financial documents.

In addition to its "electronic document management" functionality, MyGAC includes a 360° view of the mission through a dashboard allowing :

  • complete visibility on advancement dynamics
  • access to KPIs with automated updates
  • Of decision-support maps for the eligibility of your assets

Build your state of the art with ideXlab

The construction of a complete state of the art is a key element to technically justify the eligibility of your projects and consequently your CIR. A gap in your state of the art will draw the attention of the tax authorities in a negative way.

The ideXlab platform allows you to search for the latest scientific and technical advances and patents from over 300,000,000 documents to develop a robust state of the art.

G.A.C. Group is listed among the CIR-CII consulting firms by the Médiation des entreprises

Our support

G.A.C. draws on its sector-specific experience to help you implement your projects through a comprehensive offer to innovate, perform and adopt a responsible approach. Our multi-disciplinary team of engineers and PhDs has been advising and supporting you for over 20 years in your innovation projects, from idea to market launch, including the search for financing.

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