INNOSURVEY®: Measure your company's innovation performance to unleash its full potential and build a sustainable innovation strategy aligned with your growth plan!

How to innovate sustainably in the workplace?

Observation: companies that spend the most on R&D are outpaced by those that have aligned their innovation capabilities with their strategy.

So organizations are asking themselves how to boost the performance of their innovation processes on an equivalent budget.

Initially, theanalysis of the company's internal and external environment is essential for revealing high-potential ideas and turning them into commercial successes. Formally establish an innovation process is also the key to acting on inhibitors and identifying the levers to activate.

The organizational, cultural and managerial inhibitors are often - unintentionally - ignored by companies. Conversely, some efficiency levers are not used because they are not identified. However, they are the factors that really determine your organization's innovation performance. This is particularly noticeable in large structures where departments work in silos, while the Complementary skills are essential for effective innovation.

How can you identify them and improve your innovation process? How can you capitalize on your company's strengths?

360° innovation diagnosis: is your company ready to innovate?

Carrying out an innovation diagnosis within your organization is an effective and constructive way to establish or re-establish a healthy foundation and ensure that your business remains on track. your innovation strategy for the future. The more complete the innovation diagnosis, the more you'll know about your organization's strengths and areas for improvement. It can be carried out at business unit, corporate or even group level.

G.A.C. Group can provide you with the best possible support for your innovation diagnosis. INNOSURVEY™ technology, a unique consulting service for businesses (solution developed by INNOVATION 360). It comes from 30 years of research at leading innovation management universities (Harvard, Insead, MIT...) and is based on a database built up over more than 10 years, including several thousand innovative companies from all sectors and all countries.

This diagnostic tool offers :

  • a 360° vision of your innovation capabilities (analysis of strategy, culture, leadership, roles and skills, innovation processes and capabilities) ;
  • a benchmark of your innovation performance compared with the best innovators inside and outside the industry;
  • a 16-axis analysis covering the entire innovation process from idea to market.
INNOSURVEY: Diagnostic Innovation

Our expert consultants are committed to helping you manage your innovation so as to have a greater impact on society and support your growth.

Our offer to measure your company's innovation performance and accelerate your innovation strategy

Identifying the factors that determine innovation performance

  • Interview the management team and all internal and external stakeholders (innovation survey)
  • Identify your organization's strengths and weaknesses

Quantitative and qualitative analysis of your capacity for innovation and recommendations

  • Map your innovation capabilities to determine your innovator profile
  • Prioritize the levers to be activated according to the horizons of your innovation strategy

Deploying your innovation approach

  • Structuring the innovation process
  • Build an action plan on ways forward

Your benefits

A comprehensive, robust diagnostics established thanks to a recognized artificial intelligence tool for innovation management

A improve the efficiency of your innovation process Ideation, selection, development and marketing phases

Theinvolvement of all stakeholders and one sharing results to raise awareness levers for sustaining your innovation strategy

The spreading the culture of innovation in all your departments

The innovation diagnosis: what next?

Other levers need to be taken into consideration in order to deploy your innovation strategy. G.A.C. can support you at every stage, including :

Innovation strategy

Our support

G.A.C. draws on its sector-specific experience to help you implement your projects through a comprehensive offer to innovate, perform and adopt a responsible approach. Our multi-disciplinary team of engineers and PhDs has been advising and supporting you for over 20 years in your innovation projects, from idea to market launch, including the search for financing.

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"This support has been very beneficial to us. We are very satisfied with the human aspect of this process. We had very professional, very understanding people in front of us, really concerned about bringing us very specific elements."
Deputy General Manager, GRIMAUD Group
Innovation Diagnostic Support (Innosurvey®)

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