Bureau Veritas - Audit of social charges

"I appreciated the seriousness and precision of the assignment. The mission was simple and effective. The consultants worked autonomously and without too many requests. The feedback was clear and accessible. The G.A.C. Group teams are professional and transparent."

Bureau Veritas is a specialist testing, inspection, auditing and certification company founded in 1828. It is active in the building, infrastructure, agrifood, raw materials, marine, shipping, industrial and consumer goods sectors.

Bureau Veritas issues

  • Securing payroll
  • Review existing processes and clarify payroll practices
  • Identify optimization levers

Accompanying G.A.C. Group

G.A.C. Group has been supporting Bureau Veritas since 2022 in payroll optimization and security.

Solutions provided by G.A.C. Group:

  • In-depth analysis of social data and identification of savings levers in risk areas
  • Follow-up and support for the recovery and implementation of savings
  • Post-audit support

What were the results?

  • Confirmation of internal best practices in payroll parameterization

  • Substantial savings for the customer

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