Workplace accident and cause-tree analysis

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Workplace accident

  • Definition of an accidental event
  • Notion of accident at work / commuting accident / work-related accident
  • Cost of accidents at work and national statistics

Declaration forms (CERFA and NET-ENTREPRISES)

  • Mandatory terms and conditions
  • What the Social Security Code says
  • Declaration - Who / To whom / Deadlines
  • Formulation (how to declare)
  • Mistakes not to be made

Accident costs and national statistics

  • Organizing the collection of workers' compensation benefits
  • Pricing methods
  • The potential financial impact of a misdeclared accident
  • Pricing methods
  • The employer's account and the three-year calculation method

Accident causal analysis module

  • Understanding unwinding: definition and benefits
  • The five whys / the ITAMaMI method / cause trees
  • The cause tree: the origin and power of the method
  • Near-accidents / high potentials / dangerous situations

Implementing the cause tree

  • Immediate collection of facts & rules for formulating facts
  • Photographic facts: the difference between facts and opinions / negative formulations
  • Construction: conjunctions, disjunctions

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