Prevention of arduousness and calculation of your claims index

Decree No. 2017-1769 of December 27, 2017 relating to the professional prevention account specifies the obligation for companies with at least 50 employees to initiate negotiations on a hardship prevention plan or, failing that, to establish an action plan.

This obligation arises in two situations :

  • When at least 25 % of employees are exposed to the 6 risk factors within the framework of the Professional Prevention Account (CPP).
  • From 1er January 2019, when the claims index is greater than 0.25.

The 6 risk factors

  • Activities carried out in hyperbaric environment (high pressure)
  • Extreme temperatures (without taking into account the outside temperatures)
  • Noise
  • Night work under certain conditions
  • Work in successive alternating teams (shift work in 3 x 8, 2 x 12…)
  • Repetitive work characterized by the performance of work involving the execution of repeated movements, stressing all or part of the upper limb, at a high frequency and under constrained pace

Calculation of the loss ratio

This loss index is equal to the ratio, for the last 3 years knownbetween the number of accidents at work and occupational illnesses charged to the employer's account, and the company's workforce.

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