Eureteq - Diversifying and structuring activities to anticipate a drop in sales

"Team involvement is one of the major axes of the added value of the methodology used by G.A.C. Group, allowing teams to become imbued and aligned in the same direction. The advantage of relying on G.A.C. Group was that it pushed us to ask ourselves the right questions, talk to the people involved, and roll out a methodology that was well worth the effort."

Eureteq is an SME specializing in industrial infrastructures linked to regional planning (technical engineering, geomatics and cartography, security).

Eureteq issues

In anticipation of a potential 40% drop in sales due to the market downturn, Eureteq was looking to diversify and structure its activities.

Accompanying G.A.C. Group

Eureteq was supported by G.A.C. Group in 2019.

Solutions provided by G.A.C. Group

  1. Internal analysis to identify existing skills and resources,
  2. Market analysis: mapping of potential outlets (15 markets investigated in 4 key sectors),
  3. Lead exploration: idea gathering, creative workshop, interviews with sector experts, ranking of identified opportunities according to pre-selection criteria,

  4. Consolidation of existing markets and identification of priority outlets,

  5. Twice-monthly coaching for BU managers on building business models.


  • Opportunity study & technical feasibility
  • Market estimates and assumptions
  • Interview guides specific to target markets and associated methodology
  • Coaching aids: analysis grid, business model, market estimate

What were the results?

G.A.C. recommendations followed by the customer :

  • Selection of 4 priority markets,
  • Creation of 4 business units (BUs) to develop new offers around
    of these markets,
  • Recruitment of a work-study student in charge of marketing support for the BUs.

Actions taken :

  • Implementation of the sales approach,
  • Proposal of several bids,
  • First contracts signed in certain BUs (around 10 contracts),
  • Structuring a contractual approach with key accounts.

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