Flash innovation diagnosis: measure your organization's potential

Discover your strengths and opportunities in just 3 minutes!

Why carry out an innovation diagnosis?

A constantly changing business environment innovation is the key to competitiveness and sustainable growth for companies. The framework for this innovation is still often unstructured within French organizations. Visit situations vary depending on the nature of the structure, its sector of activity and its history. Visit awareness of areas for improvement related to innovation management is a key factor in the performance of innovative companies.

Evaluate your ability to innovate in 8 questions!

Our flash innovation diagnostic enables you to obtain - by answering 8 simple questions - a fast, precise overview your strengths and opportunities for innovation.

What are the strengths and opportunities highlighted by an innovation diagnosis?

The eight questions cover the crucial aspects of an effective innovation strategy: management, leadership, corporate culture, strategy, processes, results measurement and partnership ecosystems.

By answering this quick diagnosis, you will obtain a instant assessment and recommendations to improve your innovation strategy!

Why look beyond innovation diagnostics?

Companies differentiate themselves by the quality of their innovation system in their ability to mobilize public financing, strengthen their market position, find their business model, and rationalize their investments while promoting creativity.

That's why managers and executives in strategic departments (innovation, R&D, marketing, manufacturing and even finance) are all concerned by the fact ofalign their corporate strategy with their innovation strategy.

Contact our experts to find out what you need to do to optimize your innovation strategy.

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