Calculating the general reduction

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Face-to-face or distance learning

Train to scheck general reduction calculations, prevent risks in the event of URSSAF audits and detect sources of optimization.

Key points of our training

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Step 1

In the program :

Understanding the basics of the general reduction scheme

  • Definition
  • Basic principle
  • Employers and employees concerned by the scheme

How to calculate the reduction

  • Impact of headcount on the C coefficient
  • Calculating the annual minimum wage
  • H.S / H.C. treatment
  • Impact of absences on minimum wage
  • Remuneration subject to contributions
  • Principle of annualization

Dealing with special features

  • Equivalent hours linked to transport activity
  • Vacation pay fund

Controlling your reduction

  • Monthly checks
  • Consistency check
  • News

Step 2

In the program :

Know how to apply the rules of general reduction to your company's environment

  • Validation of first stage knowledge
  • Familiarize yourself with your working time organization (agreements, etc.)
  • Review of data to be included in determining the general reduction
  • Study your general discounts for a sample of employees
  • Help with setting up a control tool in your company

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