Launch of the ENRICH network in the United States

The launch in the United States of the ENRICH network took place on January 24, 2018 in San Francisco. This network will provide European innovators and researchers wishing to extend their activities to the United States with useful information as well as numerous support activities. For example, ENRICH will allow them to quickly access the American innovation ecosystem while offering them opportunities for growth and development. These services will include participation in bootcamps, “innovation tours”, “match and pitch” events or even access to “soft landing hubs” for which the selection will be made in the form of a call for tenders. . The next one will be published online on February 22, 2018 on the website

The ENRICH network, managed by the European Business and Innovation Center Network and the International Business and Innovation Association (“International Business Innovation Association”). It is funded by the European Horizon 2020 program. The center dedicated to ENRICH is hosted by the European American Enterprise Council.

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