Eco-efficiency and decarbonization of industry

Have you considered all the opportunities for financing dedicated to the decarbonization of the industry ? How can they fit into your development strategy ? Do you know their eligibility criteria? How can you afford these costs and limit the financial risk of your investment and innovation projects ?

In the context ofclimate emergency the Government has set up an action plan to decarbonize French industries in order to reduce their emissions of 26Mt/year by 2030, while sustaining employment and the industrial footprint strategic sectors.  

Public actors (Regions, ADEME, Bpifrance, European Commission) are setting up programs and calls for projects to support companies and their partners in sharing this financial risk. Our experts will show you in detail the different financing options available to you.

Key points covered in this webinar:

  1. What are the major issues for the industry?
  2. Which funding agency will meet your needs?
  3. Focus on the devices : Life ProgramADEME and other territorial opportunities
  4. Feedback and customer case studies

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To meet environmental and economic requirements and to fulfill these commitments, industrial companies need to :

  • Rethink their organization and value chain;
  • Innovate to develop new materials and processes;
  • Investing in new, greener equipment;
  • Cooperate and pool their efforts at the territorial level.

Experts in public funding - regional, national and European - will present the range of possibilities, share their experience and answer your questions.

Experts and special guests

Olivier FALLOU

Olivier FALLOU | Expert in public financing of innovation

Olivier has more than 20 years of experience in supporting companies in their innovation strategy, in complex ecosystems and through collaborative projects, after 6 years in industrial research. As an expert in innovation financing, he has accompanied many organizations in their transition and development, always with a global view on the financing plan.

Chéraz Younes

Chéraz YOUNES | Senior Consultant in regional and national public financing

After 8 years of R&D at the Institut Curie and the CEA, and 10 years of innovation management consulting at the Paris Ile de France Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chéraz specialized in the preparation of public funding applications to the main agencies such as Bpifrance, the regions, and ADEME. As an expert in public aid, Chéraz masters the tools for financing companies' projects, whether for their investments or their innovation projects.

Jérôme Schroder Dumont

Jérôme SCHRÖDER DUMONT | Consultant in European public financing

Consultant at Welcomeurope since 2017, Jérôme supports his clients in two areas: project engineering (from the setting up of applications to the management of the funds obtained) and the structuring of governance dedicated to collaborative projects and the optimization and securing of public funds. Jérôme is involved in all European schemes (Life, ERDF, etc.). Jérôme also participates in numerous seminars and conferences in Europe to communicate his know-how as a European project practitioner.

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