Aid and subsidies

Learn about the range of public funding opportunities for industry decarbonization on a national and regional scale
The State and the Regions are joining forces to support innovation in the regions with the France 2030 / PIA4 regionalized program.
This call for projects aims to support the development of innovation in the territories through the France 2030 / PIA4 regionalized program.
Discover the selection criteria used by financiers and investors to accelerate your projects with an environmental, societal or social impact.
Test your eligibility for the i-Lab competition dedicated to innovative start-ups: up to 600 k€ in grants to accelerate your project.
The 14th wave of the i-Nov Innovation Contest aims to support high-potential innovation projects. Test your eligibility in 1 min!
The second WeImpact competition is aimed at rewarding 3 winners with projects that have a positive impact on the environment, society and local communities.
Read the testimonial from Infolegale, supported by our experts in securing its CIR and putting together an application to finance innovation and R&D activities.
Find out all you need to know about C3IV: eligibility criteria, scope of application, calculation methods and approval procedure.
In this article, discover the 5 key success factors for building your application and maximizing your chances of obtaining public funding.
Find out about the tax schemes and financial incentives that will encourage companies to opt for greener practices.
Discover the new case law on the total deduction of a public subsidy when calculating the research tax credit.
Find out about the grants and subsidies available to finance your production investment projects: plant, pilot line, decarbonization, brownfield sites...
Find out how Agtech startups are tackling investment issues in the agri-agro sector, at the 7th edition of LFday.

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