National and regional grants and subsidies to support new energies and the water and environment sector

Respecting commitments to ecological, energy and economic transition, and taking into account societal, climatic and environmental changes, are the main priorities of the Group. common challenges facing the environmental sector (water management, waste processing and recovery) and energy (new energy systems and nuclear power).

What are the various national acceleration strategies to support new energies and the water and environment sector?

Among the national acceleration strategies presented by the government, three of them go in this direction:

  • "Recycling and reincorporation of recycled materials" to accelerate the transition to a circular economy particularly for the plastics, composites, textiles, strategic metals and paper/board industries.
  • "Biosourced Products - Sustainable Fuels" to promote the development of industrial biotechnologies and the manufacture of biosourced products as a substitute for petroleum-based products.biofuels (agricultural, forestry or algal biomass) and synthetic fuels produced from renewable energy sources are directly concerned.
  • "Advanced technologies for energy systems (currently under development), the main objective of which is to support the development of a sovereign new energy technologies industry with a particular focus on three priority sectors: photovoltaics, floating wind power and energy networks.

Against this backdrop, the French government and regional authorities have launched a number of calls for projects aimed at providing financial support for innovation and investment projects by companies in the energy and environment sectors. G.A.C. Group offers you a selection of some twenty open calls for projects in its new dedicated infographic.

In this infographic, find:

  • The ongoing calls for projects as well as the dates for the changeover and closing of applications
  • The regional strategic themes in connection with the energy and environment sector
  • The WEIMPACT podcast dedicated to the company KDE Energy, specialized in the development of renewable energies
  • The web series "Public funding: how to accelerate your innovation and investment projects?"

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