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GAC Innovation East Europe in one look.

GAC Group, a French consulting firm with international reach, specializes in performance and innovation consulting services.
It values its expertise in process management and financial engineering for Research and Development (R&D). Our know-how allows our some 2,000 customers to save nearly 800 million euros per year, across the world.
From Romania, GAC Innovation East Europe, a subsidiary of GAC Group operating in Eastern Europe, is accelerating its development thanks to innovative capacities and the Romanian commercial and academic environment.
Nowadays, we are the only one consulting company in Romania able to make the connexion between science, taxation and finance stakes, thanks to our international expertise in:
  • Innovation / R&D processes management and design, from the launch of an idea to its realization in the form of a profitable and scalable product or service;
  • Financial engineering of Innovation / R&D Projects (Private equity, European funds, state grants, tax incentives ...).

Our values and cultural organization require to our employees the highest level of expertise: engineers with international experiences, accustomed to work within a multidisciplinary framework, including PhD in various scientific fields.

We thus provide our partners with our know-how anchored in all industrial sectors. With nearly 20 years of experience in tax credits for R&D, built and improved on the French market, we have been able to adapt to the legislative specificities of the countries where we operate.

GAC Innovation East Europe demonstrates technical expertise and a unique methodology on the Romanian market to allow its clients to benefit from tax measures intended for companies with R&D and innovation activities, in the strictest respect for the law, allowing companies to benefit from a deduction of their expenses of 50%.

Our approach is oriented towards effectiveness and efficiency :

  • We share our knowledge to reduce our intervention time;
  • translating the technical language of the engineers and researchers involved in Innovation / R&D projects into an administrative and financial language, necessary for the application of tax deductions defined in the Romanian legislation.

We propose a customizable process services which includes:

  1. A technical audit allowing our engineers to identify projects carried out by our clients that may be subject to tax deduction;
  2. Calculation of eligible expenses: determination and evaluation of eligible expenses for previously identified projects, which will be integrated in the clients tax declaration;
  3. A supporting technical file bringing together all the information necessary to justify the approach to local administrations;
  4. Contractual guarantees and support in case of authorities (ANAF) control.

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