Our Impact - CSR

At G.A.C. Group, as a socially-responsible corporate citizen, we take daily action to protect the environment and promote inclusion, diversity and diversity.

We make a difference by acting concretely for this purpose which is at the heart of our corporate culture and positively impacts thefulfillment of our employeesour relationships clients and our ecosystem. This commitment is reflected in all aspects of the company and is reflected in the values of inclusion, gender diversity and diversity, which also foster creativity, innovation and a strong sense of belonging. We favour a variety of backgrounds, experiences, cultures and nationalities in our recruitment and encourage different management styles, the result of complementary managerial approaches. We value the variety of profiles and experiences.

Society and the environment

The United Nations Global Compact

We are proud to count among the members of the United Nations Global Compact as part of our commitment to being a responsible company. This commitment includes operating responsibly, in accordance with the Universal Principles of Sustainability, taking action to support society and reporting annually on our efforts to the United Nations Global Compact.

Diversity, mixity and inclusion

Our signature of the Diversity and Inclusion Charter

G.A.C. Group is proud to be socially committed by joining the 4,100 members who have signed the Diversity Charter!

The Diversity, the Diversity and theInclusion are founding elements of our corporate culture and constitute a real value of social performance.
We are a socially responsible company whose goal is to contribute to creating a positive impact for our planet and our society.

Within the G.A.C. Group :

  • Ratio of men to women : 49% – 51%
  • 17 different nationalities
  • Professional equality index: 76/100

Our responsible partnership for gender equality in the industrial and technological sectors

Aware that gender diversity is also a driver of performance, the objective is to encourage female vocations in engineering and technology professions. AlongsideElles BougentIn the framework of our activities, we carry out actions that promote scientific careers to girls and young women.  Our goal is to encourage vocations by sharing the experiences of our Elles Bougent mentors and ambassadors, and through awareness-raising campaigns and events: Innovation Challenges, testimonials for middle and high school girls and students, recruitment forums, Day of Women and Girls in Science,…

Elles Bougent - Committed to professional diversity

The Innovatech challenge has been in existence since 2016 and has already enabled more than 1,500 applicants and 20 French regions to participate! This contest 100% female allows young girls, for one day, to be immersed in the life of an engineer/technician and to discover the full range of technologies and jobs in the industry of the future. After 5 hours of work in an inter-generational hackathon mode, the teams, composed of female sponsors, students and high school girls, presented their project to a jury, in the manner of a start-up pitch! 


Our G.A.C.'er / Godmother within the association Elles Bougent, Hélène ROLFO-CAZES took part in the 8th edition of the Innovatech contest in the Midi-Pyrénées region within a team composed of 2 high school girls and 1 student. 

Their project? Balpacon, the intelligent balcony

The team won the jury's favorite prize!


Gender equality at G.A.C. Group

We have been committed for years to a process of professional equality between women and men and to equal opportunities.

Our professional equality policy is based on three pillars: 

  • Promote a balanced representation of women and men: within the group, parity is balanced.
  • Promote women's access to positions of responsibility and their representation at all levels of the company. 
  • Establish equal pay: in a framework of equivalent performance we attach unequivocal importance to equality between women and men. The excellent scores measured in the gender pay gap indicators and the gaps in the annual increases in the gender equality index demonstrate our commitment to equity.
In addition, if equal pay is one of the foundations of professional equality, we have other equally strong challenges: diversity of professions, key positions, work-life balance.
0 %
women in our total workforce
0 %
of women on our Management Committee
0 %
of women in management
0 /100
Points Gender Equality Index

G.A.C. Group's results for the reference period from January 1 to December 31, 2021: 80 points

Disability at work


G.A.C. Group is an activator of progress with Agefiph.

We are proud to put our values of inclusion and diversity into action. Our professional opportunities are offered to all, regardless of the position and disability, giving priority to professional skills, without preconceived ideas. The inclusion of people with disabilities is an asset for the company, an opportunity to do better, to innovate in the organization of work, and to act for equal opportunities.

Responsible innovations with lasting impacts

G.A.C.'Up: an incubator of innovative start-ups for a positive impact

Because innovation is at the heart of our business, we wanted to help start-ups grow. We therefore opened G.A.C.'UP, our start-up gas pedal in 2018. This support program is aimed at innovative start-ups in the acceleration phase.

We believe that sharing our experience in innovation and performance consulting can help start-ups wishing to contribute to social progress to develop and create positive impacts.

GAC'UP: Integration of innovative start-ups in the acceleration phase.

The selected start-ups evolve for 2 to 3 years in our various premises in Issy les Moulineaux and in the region and benefit from meetings with partners, potential clients or investors.

Start-ups also have access to the firm's in-house expertise, for personalized advice on a wide range of subjects (finding financing, structuring innovation strategy, innovation marketing, international development...).

To launch G.A.C.'UP and accompany these young companies on their strategic issues, G.A.C. Group has surrounded itself with a network of partners experts, volunteers :

  • Action Expertise, accounting firm,
  • Bird & Birdan international law firm,
  • EMES Consulting, specialist in sales training,
  • Financial Private Funds, private investment fund.

Currently, our season 2 is carrying the projects of start-ups:

Uwinbike is an application that offers a digital management system for bicycle mileage allowances that can be paid as part of the company mileage package. Gone are the days of having to declare your company's Sustainable Mobility Package on your honour, or counting the number of employees who cycle. Uwinbike offers an innovative, digital and simple solution for implementing the digitalization of the Sustainable Mobility Package in every company.

Nobrak is dedicated to the production of engineered preforms, primarily for composite applications. Nobrak's technologies significantly reduce production costs, decreasing production waste, increasing multi-functional consistency and reproducibility, further reducing weight compared to state-of-the-art technologies.

The We Impact podcast responsible innovations with lasting impact

As a committed player with many years of experience in the innovation ecosystem, G.A.C. Group wishes to bring these innovations and their impacts to the attention of as many people as possible through these podcasts.


During our episodes, we have the pleasure of highlighting partners and project leaders who, starting with an innovative idea, aim to develop concrete solutions to help change the world, protect our planet and advance society.

Let yourself be inspired by the sustainable impacts of these responsible innovations...  

G.A.C. Group has joined the EXPLORE crew

Explore is a endowment fund to support and develop real solutions to engage our ecosystems and implement positive initiatives for our company and our planet.

Under the aegis of Roland Jourdain and Sophie VercellettoExplore accompanies new explorers in the development and implementation of their projects, encourages everyone to be an actor of change, and brings together and inspires the responsible innovation of tomorrow with companies. 

This collaboration is part of our responsible approach to contributing to the positive impacts of our ecosystems and is at the heart of our mission: Innovation & Performance for Impact.

In 2021, the catamaran project We Explore has been launched. The aim is to materialize this dynamic of change and get as many people on board as possible. The project was a real success, as in November 2022, the We Explore set sail and finished second in the Route du Rhum, Multi category!

G.A.C. Group offers its employees the opportunity to work directly alongside the Explore teams through skills sponsorship. As part of this sponsorship, 5 projects supporting 5 causes different are proposed and each one can contribute to the scale of its desires and competences.

High impact international projects

We assist public organizations in the construction, implementation and development of international projects whose stakes and impacts are oriented towards sustainable development and the preservation of our planet. Here is an excerpt of the current projects for which we are partners and/or founding members for some:

Assistance in the development of regional projects for the adoption of a circular economy aragonese

Resilient regions in the face of climate change through systemic solutions and innovations

Governance tool forsustainable allocation of water resources in the Mediterranean through the collaboration of stakeholders

Innovative, low-cost technology for water quality monitoring and the water resource management for urban and rural water systems in india

Transatlantic scholarship program for theNew generation Internet

Provide innovative services in the field of climate change

Facilitating the next generation of smart, effective water policieswater using theartificial intelligence and reinforcement learning

Provide services to collaborationof funding and support to the marketing researchers/entrepreneurs, start-ups and technology SMEs from Europe - and associated countries - in the United States, and soon in Canada, in order to maximize their chances of develop worldwide

Integrate China in the international consortium for the personalized medicine

Digital Resilient Europe for Advanced Manufacturing (Europe digitally resilient for advanced manufacturing) DREAM

IT4Anxiety: supporting the implementation of innovative solutions to reduceanxiety patients suffering from mental disorders

Our social impact: G.A.C. For Good

Solidarity Hackathon

Our employees are committed to the causes we hold dear: environmental protection, education and transmission, inclusion and sharing. We promote these individual and collective initiatives to contribute at our level to societal progress.

At our last seminar, we were delighted to take part in a solidarity Hackathon organized by our partner Big Bloom to help accelerate 3 social innovations!

  • Search for regular donors for their homes shared between able-bodied and disabled people with SIMON OF CYRENE
  • Alumni network launched for NQT Association (Our neighbourhoods have talent). 
  • Organization of an event to celebrate their 10th anniversary with the Association LAPLAJH an NGO that makes the pool accessible to people with disabilities.  A great challenge crowned with success!

Community life

Our employees are committed to the causes we hold dear: environmental protection, education and transmission, inclusion and sharing. We encourage these individual and collective initiatives to make our own contribution to social progress and innovation. Through various actions (events, sponsorships, solidarity collections, patronage, etc.) we support the following associations

Cause : Schooling support for all students, especially dyspraxic students

G.A.C. shares Internal challenges with conversion into financial donations to the association (example: sports challenge: 1km = 1€)

Cause: Proxité contributes to the academic success, chosen orientation and sustainable professional integration of young people from disadvantaged areas

G.A.C. Shares: financial donations and employee sponsorships of children benefiting from the association

Cause: Helping people affected by Multiple Sclerosis to maintain or regain hope in their situation

G.A.C. Shares: participation in the annual crossing

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