The ABC's of the administrative management of your work-related accidents

When a workplace accident occurs, it's important to adopt the right reflexes to protect both the employee and the company.

Declaring an accident at work is a key step in controlling your occupational injury costs. 

Our expert consultant in occupational risk management presents all the best practices to implement as soon as a workplace accident occurs.

This practical guide includes

  1. Work accident declaration
  2. How to recognize an accident at work
  3. The survey process
  4. Notification of acceptance
The ABCs of managing your workplace accidents!

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Regardless of the size of your company, work-related accidents and illnesses can generate significant economic costs. One day's absence costs your company an average of €3,500 a year!

Our support consists of reduce, control and anticipate increases in occupational injury rates of our customers; without ever calling into question the rights acquired by employees.

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