Prevention plan

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Get the training you need to draw up a prevention plan or represent your employer in this context. 

Key points of our training

  • Training courses to enhance skills
  • Provision of media
  • Engineering
  • Inter/Intra format

In the program :


Regulatory texts relating to the prevention plan

  • General principles of prevention
  • The legal framework for work carried out by outside contractors
  • Responsibility of each participant

Identifying the division of civil and criminal liability between employer and subcontractors

  • Organizing exchanges of information with outside contractors
  • The role of the various players and contacts

Prevention plan: from content to implementation

  • Key chapters of the prevention plan
  • Participants' main obligations in terms of prevention
  • Works and operations subject to the prevention plan
  • Checks on external employees (knowledge, skills, aptitudes)

Preparing a risk analysis

  • Evaluation method and tools
  • Permanent and interference-related hazards
  • On-site pre-inspection

The prevention plan: a management tool

  • The role of intervention staff
  • Permanent and interference-related hazards

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