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Time and activity management solution

Digital time and activity management solution

Contact us ACTIVITY is a 100% solution adapted to the requirements of the CIR and the CII allowing a better structuring of the follow-up of the times of your collaborators as well as an optimized management of the resources for your R&D&I projects. Our offer We support you in managing your R&D&I projects through optimized management of your resources. ACTIVITY, solutions

Collaborative European projects and international cooperation

Contact us European programs and the implementation of competitive funding materialize the European Union's desire to stand out in a context of strong international competition. Many funds are allocated to allow better visibility of cutting-edge research and innovation and to concretize projects to deal with the problems

Aid and Subsidies - Energy transition

Companies committing to controlling their energy expenditure and adopting a less polluting production approach can benefit from public aid and funding. As part of a long-term investment support strategy, numerous public aids have been mobilized, in particular through the France Relance plan, the first part of which is

Energy saving certificates

The energy saving certificates system (C2E) is one of the main instruments of the energy demand management policy. Our offer The program of energy saving certificates was set up by the government in 2005. It requires energy suppliers to save energy and aims to combat

Automation of real estate management

The real estate market (and in particular the rental market) is changing. Real estate leasing for companies takes the form of several types of leases which are defined according to the nature of the premises, its operation and the type of tenant. Our offer We support you in optimizing costs through an economic analysis and recommendation,

Technical management of real estate assets

Managing your real estate assets calls for multiple skills: – The need to properly understand your buildings and facilities, take an inventory and regularly assess the level of risk – Regularly monitor changes in the legislation applicable to each building – Manage maintenance buildings and have good visibility of deadlines while

Tax audit assistance

As part of the accounting verification procedures, the tax administration verifies the tax elements declared by the taxpayers and, if necessary, makes adjustments to the bases. Our offer We support taxpayers in verifying and contesting rectifications in collaboration with partner law firms. Interventions 2 types of intervention are

Private Financing

Contact us How to find the right partners for your fundraising and accelerate the market launch of your innovation, the development of your business and the expansion of your company? Our offer Get private financing to concretize your company's development strategy and stimulate your growth.

Emergence of innovation opportunities

Emergence of innovation opportunities

Do you want to create new economic activities, build innovative Business Models, improve the user experience, put your customers at the center of the process and strengthen your value proposition? What if the solution lies in collective intelligence? Our offer Our approach is based on the practice of collective intelligence and the organization of collaborative and creative workshops. We

Open and co-innovation - GAC Group

Open and Co-Innovation

Contact us How to accelerate the development of your innovation? Explore the field of possibilities by opening and sharing your projects with qualified partners in a collaborative innovation process. Our offer We identify potential partners according to your development needs to open your ecosystem and access new opportunities together

Certain aids and subsidies are specifically dedicated to innovation in all its stages, from the idea to the launch on the market.

Aid and subsidies

Contact us To stimulate innovation and accelerate the development of the economy, a company can benefit from public aid. This aid aims to support the creation of a business, its development and the launch of structuring projects. Our offer Certain aids and subsidies are specifically dedicated to innovation in all its stages, from the idea to the launch on the market. We

Sector watch and studies

Sector watch and studies

Contact us A good knowledge of its sectoral and economic environment and of the state of the technological art is an essential step in anticipating changes in future trends. This phase is a key success factor for seizing growth opportunities and, if necessary, adapting its products or services. Our offer The study of

Claims management AT Advance portal

AT Advance is a professional risk management solution that allows you to: – Manage your claims and centralize them in a single database – Gain autonomy in the management of your claims – Have a direct permanent link with GAC Group Our solution Designed by GAC Group consultants, our

Compliance with legal obligations

Depending on the size of the workforce employed, the company must comply with a certain number of obligations in different areas. The BDES and the publication of the Gender Equality Index are legal obligations for any company with more than 50 employees. Our offer We offer you a powerful and intuitive Business Intelligence tool which allows the automation of

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