AT/MP training: occupational risk management

June 11 and 13, 2024
Two half-days from 09h00 to 12h30
Distance learning (physical on request)

Why train in occupational risk management?

With more than one million occupational injury declarations per year and nearly 100,000 occupational disease declarations, optimized management of occupational risks has become a major challenge to secure human and financial risks for the company. Indeed, the rate of occupational accidents and diseases charged to your company depends on the number of occupational accidents or diseases declared during the year.

If you wish to better understand the concepts of work-related accidents and illnesses, to know the related investigation procedures and to discover the different avenues of appeal available to you, you can now request a quote to participate in our next training session

Who can participate in this training?

Human Resources Director, Human Resources Manager, Payroll Director, Human Resources Manager, Payroll Manager, QHSE Manager, Health Services Manager, Nurses.

The content of the training

1. To master the concept of work accident

  • Know the types of accident
  • Know how to establish an accident report
  • Appreciate the opportunity to write a letter of reservations
  • Understand the procedure for recognizing an accident at work

2. Master the concept of occupational disease

  • Definition of occupational disease
  • Understand the procedure for recognition of occupational disease

3. Understanding consolidation and its consequences

4. Manage the costs related to AT / MP

  • Presentation of the organization and the actors of the scheme
  • Mastering the mechanisms for calculating the AT/MP contribution
  • Presentation of financial documents
  • Understand the procedure for contesting your contribution rate

5. Manage disputes related to AT / PM

Our next dates

June 11 and 13, 2024

We can also carry out this training at your convenience, in-house at your company. Contact us via this form if you would like more information!

Delivered by legal experts specialized in Social Security law, the financial risk management training is geared towards operational needs. Thanks to a participatory method based on the situation of the participants, our experts privilege a interactive approach by drawing on trainees' experience and reflections to facilitate understanding and projection.

Why is it important to control your occupational injury rate?

In this video, Emmanuelle Bouffier, HR Performance consultant, presents the main challenges of occupational risk management.

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