G.A.C. Group acquires Axéco and Inventage

G.A.C. Group, a key player in innovation and performance consulting for companies and local authorities, is pursuing its growth strategy and strengthening its historical activities.

More than 20 years of know-how and expertise in the service of financial and innovation departmentsThrough this strategic acquisition, G.A.C Group is expanding its teams and welcoming 21 employees to serve the competitiveness.

Founded in 2000, the Inventage group, of which Axéco is a member, supports companies in their performance in Research & Development, Tax, Human Resources and Energy.

Their teams provide strategic and operational consulting to help secure the profitability structures and development of innovative projects companies.

Inventage, driven by new ambitions to support the environmental and energy transition, is selling its Innovation and Tax activities and its subsidiary Axéco to focus on its decarbonization through energy and environmental performance activities and pursue its HR performance activities.

This acquisition enables G.A.C. Group to consolidate its expertise with the support of a multidisciplinary team made up of tax specialists, PhDs, engineers and experienced sales staff who have been in business for 24 years. G.A.C. Group has thus broadened its skills and strengthened its position as a key player in the innovation development consulting and fiscal performance.

The expertise of the Inventage and Axéco teams and their values of high standards and quality are major assets for G.A.C. Group, underlining their aligned visions and shared DNA.

Bringing the teams together will also enable Inventage and Axéco to offer their customers complementary value-added services in terms of innovation strategy, structuring and management and levers of competitiveness.

The mission of the G.A.C. Group, as an international consulting firm in innovation and performance, is to work towards a responsible development and sustainable growth of companies and regions.

Through this strategic alliance, G.A.C. Group reaffirms its raison d'être: "Innovation & Performance for Impact and reinforces its value in supporting companies in their economic and environmental issues.

"I'm delighted that our long-standing local tax audit and innovation financing businesses are joining G.A.C. Group to accelerate their development.

G.A.C. Group recognized the high potential of Inventage's teams, and our shared values enabled us to bring this deal to fruition.

The Inventage Group continues to expand its historical HR performance business. Its Rozo subsidiary, a major player in energy and environmental performance, continues to accelerate growth in its Decarbonation business.

General Manager Inventage

"I'm very pleased with this merger, which strengthens our positioning and the consolidation of GA.C. Group's historic businesses.

The skills of the people joining us and their values of quality, excellence and commitment to customer relations were decisive factors in our decision, and will undoubtedly ensure the successful integration of our teams and the growth of our business.

This strategic alliance is part of our accelerated external growth plan, which will be supported by Bpifrance and GENEO Capital Entrepreneur in July 2022.

Christophe BOYTCHEV
CEO G.A.C. Group

About Inventage

Founded in 2000 by Jean Marc Kalaidjian, Inventage has established itself in the field of strategic and operational consulting, offering innovative solutions to optimize its customers' global performance. With 100 employees throughout France, Spain and Portugal, the group is committed to providing advice in a wide range of fields, contributing to the constant evolution of its customers.

As part of our commitment to excellence, we recently took the strategic decision to sell our local tax and innovation business to G.A.C. Group. This move will enable Inventage to focus its efforts on areas with high societal potential, HR performance and decarbonization through energy and environmental performance, thus ensuring optimum quality of service for our customers. At Inventage and ROZO, our commitment remains the same: to support our customers in their drive for higher performance by offering them sound advice and effective, tailored solutions.

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