Benefit from a cash injection in just 4 weeks thanks to the pre-financing of your CIR/CII 2021!

The CIR/CII pre-financing offers a number of strategic advantages to companies, from optimizing cash flow to financing innovative projects and better controlling cash flow. 

So what are the steps and criteria to consider in order to benefit from CIR/CII pre-financing in 2021 and thus strategically optimize your company's financial resources?

G.A.C. Group joins forces with partner : NEFTYSto help you discover the strategies you need to adopt to benefit from CIR/CII 2021 pre-financing. As experts in innovation financing, we'll reveal the best practices for maximizing your financial resources and accelerating your projects. Join us for this enriching session and learn how to quickly turn your innovative ambitions into reality.

On the agenda for this webinar:

  • Presentation of the device
  • Claim acquisition process
  • NEFTYS simulator
  • Impact and benefits of PréfiCIR

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Conference hosted by :

Kinsley Narainsamy

Kinsley NARAINSAMY - Manager Consultant Innovation - G.A.C. Group

Djelloul BANAIDA- Development Manager - NEFTYS

G.A.C. Group has built up a unique consultancy offering for companies - from start-ups to large groups in all sectors - aimed at structuring and securing these tax advantages in favor of innovation. From comprehensive support to customized services, our offer is tailored to your needs. Helping you finance your projects to make a greater impact on society and support your growth is a daily commitment for our experts.

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