How can you boost your positive-impact projects with public and private funding?

More than ever, organizations are concerned by the impact of their activities on the environment, society and local communities. This is often in response to regulatory issuesof durability or competitiveness within an industry but also to a desire to credibility enhancement or talent retention.

By getting involved in positive-impact projects, companies are full-fledged players in the fight against climate change. preserving biodiversitythe reducing carbon emissionstheimproving working conditionsof support for local communitiesetc.

Your company wants to implement projects with a positive environmental, social or societal impact ? Do you need a financial boost to make it happen?

During this interactive webinar - organized in partnership with GENEO Capital Entrepreneur - our experts will guide you through the different funding opportunities available, both public and private. They will share with you their useful tips and their proven strategies to identify the right schemes, make your project as attractive as possible to investors, and maximize your chances of obtaining the support you need to accelerate your positive-impact projects.

Our conference agenda:

  • Positive impact projects
  • Funders and investors: what evaluation and selection criteria?
  • Examples of schemes to speed up your projects
  • Complementary public and private financing for a positive impact strategy

Watch the replay and download the webinar presentation!

What are you waiting for? Don't let your positive-impact projects go to waste for lack of funding! Watch the webinar replay now!

Experts and special guests


Annick MENARD - Public finance consultant - G.A.C. Group

Annick has been working in the field of innovation consulting for almost 15 years, specializing in corporate grants and subsidies. She has assisted over 1,500 companies (start-ups, SMEs, ETIs and major accounts) in their search for and mobilization of public funding. Drawing on this experience, she is now involved in optimizing her customers' financing strategies and supporting their employees, sharing her experience and know-how.

claudia (2)

Claudia KIENTZLER - Business Partner - Positive Impact - GENEO Capital Entrepreneur

With a background in auditing (KPMG) and strategy and sustainable development consulting (Des Enjeux et des Hommes), Claudia has devoted the first eight years of her career to helping companies develop and implement sustainability strategies. In charge of impact issues at GENEO, she is responsible for both the management company's sustainability strategy (adopting the status of mission-driven company) and the co-construction and deployment of impact strategies at invested companies.

luc (1)

Luc SERRANO-CLASTRES - Energy tax consultant - G.A.C. Group

With initial experience in the industrial sector, Luc has been helping customers to improve their performance since 2012. He now puts his expertise to good use in G.A.C. Group's financial performance division, where he advises companies on local tax optimization and energy-related issues.



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