Turn your regulatory obligations into opportunities with CSR and financing!

Optimize energy performance, integrate CSR and access available financing to turn your obligations into competitive advantages! Discover how this winning trio can propel your company to success.

A fast-changing context and market for companies: facing tougher requirements

The regulatory and market environment surrounding energy performance, CSR and financing is evolving rapidly. Here are a few key facts to bear in mind:

Increasingly stringent regulations on the energy performance of buildings

In France, the ELAN law notably requires new buildings to be "positive energy" from 2020 and tertiary buildings to reduce their energy consumption by 40% by 2030.

Investors and customers increasingly sensitive to CSR issues

Companies that integrate CSR into their strategy are better perceived and can access more advantageous financing.

Financing solutions for energy performance and CSR projects on the rise

Today, there are many grants and subsidies available to help companies finance their projects.

Faced with these challenges, it is essential for companies to comply with current regulations and adopt a proactive energy performance and CSR strategy.

This white paper will help you meet these challenges and seize the opportunities offered by the energy transition.

This white paper provides you with concrete, realistic solutions to all these challenges. It will enable you to :

  • Understanding the challenges of the energy transition and CSR
  • Identify opportunities to save energy and reduce CO2 emissions
  • Implement an ambitious and effective CSR strategy
  • Access financing for your energy performance and CSR projects
Energy performance, CSR and financing

Why is this white paper on the energy transition essential for you?

As a company concerned about its performance and environmental impact, you face a number of challenges:

  • Control your energy costs
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Comply with energy performance and CSR regulations
  • Attracting sustainability-minded investors and customers

In short, this white paper is a an indispensable guide to help you turn your obligations into competitive advantages and build a more sustainable, high-performance company.

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G.A.C. Group is your preferred partner for accelerating your energy transition. We can help you bring your buildings into line with the latest energy regulations. We also facilitate access to the subsidies and financing required for your projects. Finally, take advantage of our expertise to transform your obligations into growth opportunities.


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