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Get the training you need to make your DOETH contribution more reliable, and learn about the points to watch out for.

Key points of our training

  • Training courses to enhance skills
  • Provision of media
  • Engineering
  • Inter/Intra format

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Step 1

In the program :


Reporting procedures

  • Regulations from 2020 and earlier
  • Conditions for implementing the employment obligation
  • Employment obligation rate

Number of employees

  • Link with URSSAF/ CGSS/ MSA
  • Counting the number of BOETH employees and integration into DSN
  • Job category requiring special skills (ECAP)

Applicable company, group or branch agreements

  • Conditions of application of the agreement
  • Financing and approval of the agreement
  • Monitoring the agreement

EA, ESAT, TIH contracts and employees benefiting from an EPS

  • Adapted contract formalism
  • Plates and ceilings

Deductible expenses

  • Definition of deductible expenses
  • Ceilings

Determining the contribution

  • Applicable calculation formulas
  • 2020-2024 capping
  • Contribution simulation before final submission and DSN checks

Step 2

In the program :


Check your DOETH contribution in order to secure and/or optimize it

  • Validation of first stage knowledge
  • Checking your controls
  • Review of existing company controls
  • Help with setting up a control tool in your company

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