DSN: What's new?

DSN has been an integral part of the HR administrative landscape for several years now. With the scope of the system expanding every year, DSN has become the vector for all your declarations and the transmission channel for a great deal of information.

As every year, our payroll and DSN experts take stock of forthcoming developments to help you anticipate them effectively. They also point out areas to watch out for, particularly in terms of DSN compliance.

The program of this best practices guide :

  1. 2022, the DSN continues to progress from an administrative point of view
  2. 2023, what are the expected developments?
  3. Evolution of the DSN, what about 2024?

Our experts are also at your disposal to give you visibility on your DSNs and to conduct a complete compliance audit if necessary in order to update any inconsistencies and save you hours of exchanges with the organizations or to set up the requested regularizations.

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