Chronicle of the DSN experts | Compte Rendu Métiers Identity: a matter of urgency

The Compte Rendu Métiers Identité (CRM n°121) specifies to DSN registrants the discrepancies between the identity of individuals as transmitted in the monthly DSN and the information known in the Système National de Gestion des Identifiants. (SNGI).

It is made available, following the filing of a monthly DSN, on the DSN dashboard (and in API with a integration into payroll software).

The feedback taken into account in CRM Identity is essential because uncorrected discrepancies can lead to a poor reconstruction of careers and resources for the individuals concerned.and consequently distort their entitlements to social protection (pensions, housing benefits, etc.).

CRM Identity: a tangible impact on PAS

A number of anomalies have already been identified, with potentially serious consequences for employees.

Indeed, as the DGFIP was unable to identify certain employees, it did not send the employer the personalized PAS rate. The employer therefore applied the scale.

In most cases, the PAS rate scale is much less favourable to employees than their personalized rate.particularly in the case of bonus payments.

An employee with a personalized rate of 6.6% not recognized by the DGFIP due to the spelling of his surname, will have the PAS scale applied until his name is corrected by the employer. If he receives an annual bonus for the month in question, the rate of the scale could be 20%... Such a difference is far from going unnoticed, as it will significantly reduce the net amount paid. A far from painless effect in terms of cash flow for the employee.

Of course, the amounts unduly paid will be reimbursed to the taxpayers concerned... but only in September 2025.

Problem cases are listed in the identity CRM with the nature of the control, so it's imperative to take an interest in these CRMs.

Some errors listed in the Identity Business Reports :

  • The individual was not recognized at SNGI.
  • The individual has been recognized in the SNGI, but there is a discrepancy between the declared surname and the reference surname.
  • The individual has been recognized in the SNGI, but there is a discrepancy between the declared and reference dates of birth.

An example of an anomaly reported to CRM identity :

example of a CRM identity error

CRM Identity: how to correct errors?

We therefore recommend that youquickly review your CRM identity to correct any anomalies including receive the correct PAS rates to apply to your employees.

The correction must be made on the following month's DSN :

  • By modifying the incorrect information in the relevant DSN block (e.g. "S21.G00.30 - Individual": surname).
  • By creating an "individual changes" block ("S21.G00.31")

The creation of a "S21.G00.31 - Individual Changes" block is necessary to ensure the identification link between the DSN of the month of the error and the DSN of the month of the correction (in which the individual victim of the error will have two different surnames).

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