Professional prevention account (CPP) and early retirement

Exposure to risk factors excluded from the professional prevention account (CPP): benefit from facilitated early retirement

Published in the Official Journal of December 29, 2017, an order of December 26, 2017 sets out the list of occupational diseases that may justify an employee requesting early retirement, under certain conditions.

  • A minimum PPI rate of 10 %

Employees must prove that they have partial permanent incapacity at least equal to 10%.

  • An occupational disease resulting from one or more of the risk factors excluded from the professional prevention account

This incapacity must be recognized as an occupational disease (without any condition of minimum exposure duration) resulting from exposure to one or more of the four occupational risk factors excluded from the occupational prevention account.

These four factors are:

  • manual handling of loads,
  • painful postures,
  • mechanical vibrations,
  • dangerous chemical agents.

Regarding occupational disease, it may be:

  • illnesses recognized under the tables of occupational illnesses mentioned in the decree,
  • illnesses outside the tables recognized as being of occupational origin and for which the attribution to one or more of the aforementioned risk factors is confirmed by the primary health insurance fund or the mutual social agricultural fund.

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