Génopole - 20 years of innovation evaluated by inno TSD

In its impact study, Inno TSD showed that Genopole, the 1st French biocluster, makes a strong contribution to innovation, economic development and the attractiveness of the territory (more than 5,600 jobs created or maintained).

Genopoly represents the 1st French biocluster and a European benchmark in biotechnologies and biotherapies, in particular around genomics. Based on a unique approach, combining Scientific Park and Cluster, Génopole welcomes, connects and supports researchers and companies and constitutes a dynamic ecosystem promoting synergies and cooperation likely to bring out the next scientific and industrial advances in the field of health .

The impact study conducted by inno TSD and Collaborative People, showed that Génopole is a major contributor to the attractiveness and economic development of the southern Ile-de-France region in particular, with over 5,600 jobs created or maintained (direct, indirect and induced) and the creation/location of 8 high-tech companies per year (on average). Thanks to its infrastructure and research laboratories, Génopole has also supported research and innovation (around 1,000 publications between 2015 and 2017 in public laboratories) and enabled the emergence of new generations of talent, notably with the Université d'Evry Val-d'Essonne.

These positive impacts are significant even though Génopole now aims to change scale by 2025 with plans to extend its capacity to accommodate laboratories and companies.

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